Why Fewer Toys are Better for Your Kids

With the improvement of material life, many parents like to buy all kinds of toys for their children. Even expensive toys, as long as they are good for the baby, they will buy it and give it to the baby. There are many types of toys, and the toys on the market are endless. Such as popular video game toys, as well as music, construction, creation toys, etc., the prices of toys vary, and there are many tricks. As a result, many parents have sighed that “raising children is burning money”. Because they believe that the more toys a child has played with, the smarter it becomes, and buying toys is also an investment in the child. But in fact, parents don’t have to buy every toy. Sometimes having too many toys for your child is not a good thing.

Why Fewer Toys are Better for Your Kidsimagesbaby products

The original intention of many parents to buy toys for their children is to hope that toys can develop their children’s intelligence, and that they want him to have a happy and meaningful childhood. In some families, the baby’s toys can even accumulate into a hill. But it doesn’t mean that the more toys you have, the more you can really achieve your goals. Children with a lot of toys are not necessarily smart. Instead, the child will gradually lose the desire for a toy because the child is not keen enough on a toy and cannot study it carefully. Will children with few toys affect their intellectual development?

It’s not that children with more toys are smarter

American psychologists have done experiments on the number of children’s toys. Preschool children with more and less than 5 toys were surveyed. Finally, it was found that children with more than 5 toys or more limit the creativity of the brain, it is difficult to concentrate, and the logical thinking ability is poor. Child development scientist Claire Lerner, through research, found that the more toys a child has, the easier it is to damage their cognitive ability and fail to maximize the role of toys. The results of these studies can actually fully prove that children are not smarter with more toys. On the contrary, less toys can stimulate their ability to repeatedly study, think, and create.

How to choose toys for children of different ages?

Let the child play with toys, which is more conducive to his exploration of the strange world. It also helps in the development of gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive abilities. And can develop children’s intelligence. You can choose different toys according to different ages of children.

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