Why are children’s wooden toys so popular?

Wooden toys refer to toys made of natural materials such as wood and bamboo or synthetic wood. As a major category of toys, wooden toys have a long history. More than 1700 years ago, wooden toys originated in the Beichgarden and Champsberg region of Germany. Craftsmen carve small animals for sale in Nuremberg. These low-cost, lifelike wooden toys are very popular and are gradually sold throughout the West. world.

Among the early wooden toys, the most popular is the wooden horse toy, and people’s enthusiasm for the wooden horse toy has been passed down to this day. At that time, the popular wooden horse was directly carved from this version, and a semicircular piece of wood was attached under the horse body. Later, people installed wheels under the wooden horse to become a three-wheeled carriage, which became more playable.

Due to changes in the times, the content of wooden toys has also changed. With the development of transportation, simple wooden horse toys have become all kinds of wooden toys that imitate cars, trains, and ships, and they are thriving.

Why choose wooden toys?

Why have wooden toys been passed down to this day? Where is its irreplaceability concentrated?

1. Most of the raw materials of wooden toys come from natural sources, and they smell slightly of wood. Without the participation of chemical substances, wooden toys are suitable for children to play and are also convenient to clean and store, giving different children their greatest use value.

2. There are many kinds of wooden toys, and most of the products are countless. But at the same time, it has the advantages of lightness, exquisiteness, and moderate price of wood materials, and is quite resistant to fall, play, and gnaw.

3. The main function of wooden toys is to improve children’s hand-foot coordination, hand-eye coordination and other physical functions, which need to be gradually established through training, and toys are one of the best training tools. If a child wants to build a box of building blocks into a figure, in addition to using his mind, he also needs to cooperate with his hands. It can be seen that the toy has a great effect on the development of the child’s body function.

How to choose wooden toys suitable for children?

For infants and young children, the first thing to pay attention to is the safety of toys. The raw wooden toys are made of solid wood and do not contain any industrial compounds, so they are the safest kind of wooden toys, especially for some babies who like to put toys in their mouths and bite in the oral period.

In addition to the material, attention should be paid to the workmanship of the toy. Whether the toy has a smooth appearance and whether it has a peculiar smell are all factors that mothers need to consider.

Because most wooden toys are directly made of wood, parents need to check whether the appearance of the toy is smooth when choosing, so as to prevent the baby from being stung by sharp burrs during the game.

Under normal circumstances, wooden toys more or less have the smell of wood itself. If they smell in addition to the smell of wood itself, there is also a pungent smell, indicating that there is a quality problem and should not be purchased. Some toys with peculiar smell may be a problem with the surface paint. You can choose to place the toys in a ventilated place for 2-3 days to see if there is any improvement.