When children stop playing with toys

Everyone has their own childhood memories and the toys that accompany them throughout their childhood. A toy is the epitome of an era.

  1. 1950s-1960s: The age of material scarcity
    In this era, many people are in the stage of solving the problem of food and clothing. Few toys are sold on the market. Some of them are mainly wooden products, such as small wooden pistols, wooden tricycles and slingshots. In addition, gyroscopes and shuttlecocks were also deeply loved by children at that time.
  1. 1970s: The era of iron toys
    In this era, wooden toys became less and less, and all kinds of iron toys began to dominate. They are usually lighter than wood and have strong plasticity. Iron frogs, iron trains, iron pistols and iron robots are the most representative toys in the 1970s.
  1. 1980s: The era of game consoles
    In this era, there were no mobile phones, computers and high technology. There were transformers, Rubik’s cube and building blocks that gradually replaced iron toys. The first game console – Xiaobawang also began to enter children’s life.
  1. 1990s: The era occupied by cartoon character toys
    In this era, a large number of anime began to be popular all over the world, and the toy market was quickly occupied by animation character toys. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Toy story and Doraemon became the mainstream of children’s toys at that time.
  1. 2000s: The era when high-tech toys became the mainstream
    In this era, with the rapid improvement of electronic technology, advanced electronic products are changing with each passing day. They have become the mainstream of toys. IPad, 3ds, PSP game console, remote control toys and intelligent toys have become children’s favorites.

The impact of video games on children’s toys is not small. More and more children no longer play toys, but choose video games. Can you imagine the day when children stop playing with toys?

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