Toy giant-Bandai

Generally speaking, those who like animation or animation toys know Wanda Was the leader of the toy industry, but nobody knows how they succeeded step by step?
Let us re-know the history of development Bandai:

In July 1950, a migrant worker named yamako Zhizhi set up a toy company – “Bandaiwu” in Asakusa, a common residential area in Tokyo, Japan. The original “Bandaiwu” was just a subsidiary of a textile company, which used the surplus materials from the production of clothes to make dolls, And then began to produce plastic toys.
In 1955, Bandai House released the first toy with quality certification—”Toyopet Crown 1956″, which broke the similar toys at the time, and the problem of a small number of purchases was a big win. It succeeded, and for the first time established a toy quality assurance (guarantee) system in a Japanese toy manufacturer.

Subsequently, Bandaiwu successively successfully developed a number of hot-selling toys, and in 1961 the “Bandaiwu” was renamed to the now well-known “Bandai”.

2. 1970-2000
In 1971, the “Kamen Rider Transformation Belt” launched by Hobby, a subsidiary established by Bandai, was a big success, which made Bandai decide to put its efforts on character toys. Later, in order to cooperate with the development of character toys, he began to extend his tentacles to publishing, logistics, trade and other industries.
In 1983, Bandai reorganized all the businesses under its command, absorbed the subsidiaries together, reorganized the internal talents, organization, capital and other resources, formed a new generation of Bandai Group, and endowed it with the values of “dream and creation”. Gradually have the embryonic form of today’s big consortium.

  1. After 2000

After the 20th century, Wanda took comic figures as its main development target, and achieved great success, becoming the leader of the animation toy industry and even the toy industry.

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