Too many toys are bad for children?

Too many toys are bad for children?imagesbaby products

The most common consumption behavior of parents during the growth of babies is to buy toys for their babies. Many parents buy whatever toys their babies want. Regrettably, many times, children’s enthusiasm for a new toy is difficult to maintain after it is bought home. More than half of the children were only interested in new toys for a few days at most. As your child gets older, you’ll be surprised how much toys have piled up at home. Are more toys better? How to buy toys to give full play to the value of toys?

Many parents think that buying more toys for their children can better develop their children’s intelligence. Not so! Now there are a full range of toys and a wide range of names. Each toy will have various instructions to exercise children’s various abilities. But many times the baby will throw the toy aside after the novelty of the toy.

  • What are the adverse effects of too many toys on the baby?

      1. Affect children’s judgment

For us adults, in many cases, we will also face difficulty in choosing. Children are more difficult to choose than adults. If at this time, parents also buy a lot of toys for their children, there will be more choices for children. Then the child will have the situation that this also wants, and that also wants, which makes it more difficult to make a choice.

      2. Lack innovative spirit

Children are curious and eager to explore. If the child has only a few toys, the child may use these toys to play different new tricks. This means that when children play a toy repeatedly, their concentration will also improve, so that there will be greater breakthroughs in innovation.

      3. Will not cherish toys

Children with too many toys will feel that toys are something that is easy to obtain. Therefore, they will not cherish and collect their toys. Instead, after playing with the toy, throw it away at will. The more toys you have at home, the more cluttered your home will be. Parents may be busy putting away their children’s toys every day.

      4. Affect parent-child relationship

The reason why parents buy so many toys for their children is to show their love for their children, but it is also to reduce the time they spend with their children. Most parents think they have limited time and don’t have much time with their children. Therefore, I hope to replace the companionship by buying more toys for the children.

  • How many toys are appropriate?

Buying a toy is about buying the right thing but buying more. If the toys are divided from the educational category, they can be divided into 5 types. They are social toys, cognitive toys, activity toys, language toys, and scientific toys.

When buying toys for children, try to cover all 5 types of toys. But not too many of each. Parents can observe the frequency of children playing with all toys, which is appropriate for 3 days.

Toys are essential in a child’s daily life. But be sure to pay attention to the amount of toys. If it is too much, it will have a bad effect. I hope parents can buy toys reasonably for their children.

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