These toys make kids put down their phones.

These toys make kids put down their phones.imagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

With the development of technology, the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful. Among them, the various game software also makes it difficult to look away. Today’s children are also exposed to various electronic products early. Playing with mobile phones is even more reluctant to study, which can make many parents worry.

Many parents have a similar situation. They know that their children are not good at playing mobile phones all the time, but the children do not listen to discipline and can only finally compromise. Sometimes children keep playing with their phones because they don’t have other suitable toys, so they use various apps on the phone to relieve their boredom. In the process of children’s growth, choosing appropriate toys to accompany them can not only divert the children’s attention from the mobile phone, but also develop their intelligence. It is recommended that you buy the following five toys for your children, so that children can become smarter and smarter while playing.

1. Puzzles

Children of all ages can find their own fun in puzzles. Puzzles can also make children understand the country and the world. It can also establish a correct world view for children and let them have a broader perspective. Parents can choose the size, color and outline of the puzzle according to the age of the child to choose a puzzle that is suitable for the difficulty of the child’s game.

2. Blocks

It is very important for children to develop their imagination as they grow up. Parents can buy blocks for their kids to play with. This can not only cultivate children’s imagination, but also exercise children’s spatial thinking ability. When children are young, building blocks can also be used to create a variety of combinations and playing methods.

3. Origami

Many children like to tear paper when they are young, and the books and magazines at home are often spared. Instead of getting angry and scolding their children, parents might as well buy some origami for their children to satisfy their desire to tear it up. Origami can not only exercise children’s finger coordination, but also cultivate children’s hands-on ability. At the same time, origami allows children to use their imagination and creativity to fold their favorite patterns.

4. Rubik’s Cube

Parents can interact with their children through the Rubik’s Cube. At the same time, it can also exercise children’s thinking ability. After the busy work, parents can feel the harmonious family atmosphere with their children.

5. Dominoes

Dominoes can cultivate children’s creativity, emotional control, thinking ability, logical ability and so on. A lot of people think it looks cool when the dominoes are toppled, and kids are no exception. The more piles and the more complex the shape, the more able to satisfy the children’s competitive spirit when they are pushed down. Because once the clone may accidentally touch the card, this can also exercise the child’s concentration.

If kids can’t get their phones down, they may miss out on a lot of fun and exciting things outside. Toys can both attract them and make them think. At the same time, it allows them to stay away from their mobile phones and experience the beauty in life.

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