The summer with swing

Speaking of summer, what will you think? Warm breezes, sun, beach, sea… Numerous summer elements come like a tide and, among them, the swings are naturally indispensable.

For many people, the swing is an indispensable part of summer memories. Maybe in the field, maybe in the backyard of my house, sitting on a swing in the summer breeze, flying up and down. Back then, time seemed suspended and childhood seemed to have no end.

But all that ended, the children dressed in adult clothes, left the field or the yard and went to the company, factory or school in the city. Adult summers may still be as hot as they used to be, but you will always feel that some things that belong to the past will no longer be found.

So where did they go?

They haven’t gone anywhere, they’re in your memory, just asleep, and they need something from the past to wake them up. For example, the swing.

Why does childhood swing make you happy, just because it can make you fly? No. The reason you’re so happy is because you’ll forget about everything else when you take off and land with the swing. To make an inappropriate analogy, the balance is like…cannabis, it may not be as cool as cannabis, but it’s definitely much healthier than cannabis.

Today, on AliExpress, you may not find marijuana, but you can find all types of swing. Some of them are just like what you used to be in your childhood, and some are trendy and a little sci-fi – either way, they can make you temporarily forget about life’s problems and think about your childhood summer.