The right one is the best-toys for children 0-6 years old

Play is a child’s nature, and toys are indispensable in the growth process of a child. Many parents like to buy some educational toys for their children to help their children develop their intelligence. When choosing toys for their children, parents must choose according to their children’s age. At different ages, children have different physical and mental development and different needs for toys. Only by choosing toys suitable for children can they effectively help children develop their abilities and allow them to grow up healthily. The right one is the best.

So when children reach different ages, what toys should they play with?

Age range: 0-6 months

Newborn babies have yet to develop all aspects of their physical abilities. The toys chosen for babies should tend to cultivate sensory abilities. The toys chosen during this period were mostly lively in color, capable of producing soft vocals or toys with a special texture, such as rattles, cards of various colors, and balls of appropriate size. Letting children play with these types of toys can help improve their sensory abilities.

Age range: 7-12 months

At this stage, the baby already has basic mobility. In order to strengthen the child’s mobility, he should choose more toys that can make the child move, such as simple soft plastic building blocks, stacking cups, etc.

Age range: 1-2 years

At this stage, children begin to learn to speak, have a certain recognition ability, and their behaviors and movements begin to become more sensitive. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare some toys for children to cultivate cognition and improve their hands-on ability. Building blocks and puzzles with various shapes are more suitable for children to play.

Age range: 2-4 years

During this period, the child’s binocular vision development is most vigorous. Able to imitate simple actions of adults in daily life, have certain self-care ability, and some logical ability. Therefore, we can prepare interesting story books, hand-made toys to enhance hands-on ability, outdoor riding sports toys, etc. for children of this age.

Age range: 4-6 years

At this stage, the child’s logical thinking ability is stronger, and the ability to observe details is more in-depth, allowing the child to play some games of finding the difference,as well as toys that can express personal ideas, such as painting.

Only suitable is the best. Based on the above characteristics, parents can better choose suitable toys for their children.