The Hidden Dangers of Plush Toys

The Hidden Dangers of Plush Toysimagesbaby products、Construction toys

Your child likes plush toys very much, will they sleep with plush toys at night? Seeing that the children like it, so I bought a lot of them to keep in the house? Many parents usually buy cute plush toys for their children if they go out and encounter cute plush toys. Slowly, there are more and more stuffed toys in the child’s house. Many parents feel that a pile of plush toys in the room looks very cozy. But in fact, too many plush toys in the child’s house may have an impact on the child’s health. Too many plush toys are likely to cause the following hazards to children.

1. Hidden ashes

Exposing the plush toy in the air for a long time will cause a lot of dust to hide in the toy. Over time, bacteria and mites can grow. And when the child touches the toy or hugs it to sleep, because the child’s skin is relatively delicate and comes into contact with the plush toy with bacteria and mites, there will be allergies or bug bites. Moreover, children’s long-term exposure to such toys also has a certain impact on the respiratory tract. Parents should clean plush toys frequently and expose them to the sun. Make sure that the plush toys that children touch are clean.

2. Hair loss

Many plush toys have hair loss problems. Put a lot of plush toys in the house, and it is easy for children to suck the lost hair into the nose, or suck some fluff into the mouth. This will affect the child’s respiratory tract, and may lead to suffocation in severe cases. So parents must pay more attention! You can often use products such as vacuum cleaners to suck up the broken hairs that fall off the plush toys. Or take the plush toy outside and beat it frequently to eliminate the floating hair on the surface and avoid such a tragedy.

3. Depressed atmosphere

Many times, too many plush toys are placed in the room, occupying a lot of space, which will cause people a sense of oppression. Especially at night, stacking too many plush toys by the child’s bed will make him feel fearful and make it difficult to fall asleep. Some children even suffer from insomnia or nightmares. Moreover, it also has certain harm to the character of the child, which is not conducive to his growth. Therefore, parents should reduce the amount of plush toys placed in their children’s houses. And don’t build up the plush toys, so as not to cause bad influence.

4. Overdependence

Some children like to sleep with plush toys, thinking that this will make them feel more secure. In fact, this is a bad habit. Over time, you will become overly dependent on toys unconsciously. This does not help the child’s growth, and it is easy to create a morbid psychology for the child. Therefore, parents should take necessary interventions to prevent their children from developing psychological problems.

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