The famous spaceship in the universe: Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is a fictional spaceship from the “Star Wars” franchise. Captain Han Solo and his co-pilot Chubacca are the ship’s primary pilots. The Millennium Falcon is a light transport ship, manufactured by the Corella Group. It itself is a YT-1300 cargo ship, which became a spacecraft after Han Solo’s substantial modification.

In order to realize his own smuggling, Han Solo carried out a series of modifications to this cargo ship. He strengthened its speed, anti-shield and performance. At the same time, a military-grade quadruple turbo laser turret was installed on the hull. And in order to cover its rapid escape, the Millennium Falcon installed a retractable anti-infantry rapid-fire laser cannon on its abdomen. Between its front jaws, an oscillating missile launcher is installed.

The Millennium Falcon in “Star Wars” is a very important spaceship. Although it is of very ordinary origin and looks very shabby, it has helped many rebels win the battle against the empire. The Millennium Falcon is one of the most frequently appeared spacecraft in the “Star Wars” movie series. The Millennium Falcon is also mentioned in many other works, such as “The Simpsons” and “HELLSING”, which shows how far-reaching the influence of the Millennium Falcon is. And the inspiration for this deeply rooted spaceship turned out to be a hamburger. According to the founder of the Star Wars industry, George Lucas, the original inspiration for the creation of the Millennium Falcon came from the shape of a hamburger, and the cockpit is like an olive placed next to the hamburger.

The Millennium Falcon is loved by many people. Many people will buy a model of the Millennium Falcon. In one of the episodes of the fourth season of the TV series “Lost”, you can see a model toy of the Millennium Falcon. Lego also released several models of the Millennium Falcon, made of thousands of bricks, which were also popular.

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