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When you’re buying a ride on toy, there are a few things to consider: how big your child is, where they’re going to be riding it.

  1. Children’s bicycle

The chain cover of children’s bicycles is lightning. Children’s bicycles with the highest seat height equal to or greater than 560 mm should be equipped with three chain covers or other protective devices to cover the ground and the outer surface of the natural part of the sprocket. When the wheel is on the wheel, the disc chain cover should be on the outside of the edge in the diameter direction. The disc chain cover is not used but other protections are used. The device shielding range should extend to the point where the sprocket finally enters the safety piece and measure at least 25 mm along the edge. Children’s bicycle wheels with a saddle height of up to 560 mm should use three chain guards, which must complete the protection, and the outer surface and edge of the flywheel, as well as covering the wheels and running along the children’s bicycle are not part of the road running.

  1. Children’s tricycle

Children’s tricycle is a popular toy for preschool children. In summer, it is necessary to pay attention to the content of harmful elements in its surface requirements to be safe. Children must not have protrusions in the area specified by the tricycle. Therefore, there is a dual-purpose tricycle in the market. There must not be any possible injury pinch points in the tricycle. For any possible movement description, the internal tinyness should be less than 5mm or greater than 12mm. The Christ child pinches the finger. Tricycles for children under three years of age may have small parts with oblique truncated parts with a size of 31.75mm×51.75mm in size. Children accidentally swallow them or choke them into the trachea, causing serious consequences such as suffocation.

  1. Stroller

Strollers are toys used by children before toddlers. They are used by pre-schoolers who are incapable of autonomy. Therefore, the matters you should pay attention to when you get up early are safe. In addition to the structure of the car, whether the stroller is locked at the destination For the locking insurance of the locking mechanism, if there is only the locking mechanism but no locking safety device, the locking mechanism will fail, which will cause serious injury accidents to children. Standard without 180mm, shoulder straps, cross straps, straps, buckles, etc., seat belts and device belts have a pulling force of 300N, without loosening, breaking, or damage, to protect children from not being placed on the cart due to safety and belt devices It may be caused by accidentally falling outside the car.

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