The benefits of sensory toys for babies

Toys are tools for children to explore the world. Toys play an important role in a child’s growth. Sensory toys can quickly enhance the baby’s perception, expand the baby’s perception range, and provide a solid foundation for intellectual development. On behalf of sensory toys, there are bells, rattles, xylophones, cloth books, boxes, puzzles, building blocks, plasticine, clay and so on.

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What is sensory training?

The human brain develops from constant contact with the external environment from birth. The human contact with the external environment is through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and other sensory organs. Early learning and rich environmental stimuli can promote the formation of complex functions of brain cells. The six senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch balance are the doors for the body to explore outward. They determine the degree of interaction and coordination of the brain, nervous system and various senses of young children. It is in these sensory learning that the brain function differentiation and nervous system of young children develop gradually. Therefore, the early education aimed at promoting the comprehensive and harmonious development of children must be based on the promotion of children’s sensory learning as the fundamental basis for promoting their early learning and development.

The benefits of sensory toys for babiesimages1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

What senses can sensory toys train?

1.Listening training

It is necessary to give the baby a sound environment: the normal activities of the family will produce various sounds, such as walking, closing the door, water, scrubbing, sweeping, talking, etc., and there can also be noisy outdoors. Car sounds, human voices and many other sounds. These sounds can stimulate the baby’s hearing and promote the development of hearing. In addition to the sounds that exist naturally, it is also possible to artificially create a sound world for babies. For example, buy some toys for babies with sounds, such as rattles, music boxes, and croaking duck toys. You can let the baby listen to music, and the rhythmic and beautiful music will give the baby a sense of security.

2.Visual training

Human vision includes two aspects: one is the ability to see, that is, the external brightness, contrast, shape, color and many other information are reflected to the fundus to form an object image, which is equivalent to the role of color photography. The second is to be able to watch, which belongs to a higher level of mental activity, that is, to observe objects with the mind, record them in the mind, and use them to analyze and compare with previous experience. The baby’s vision is gradually mature, and brightly colored sensory toys can help the baby’s vision development.

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