The benefits of baby playing with blocks

When a baby reaches a certain age, he will begin to use his incomparable imagination and creativity. With the deepening of the concept of early education and puzzle, parents always buy some blocks suitable for the baby to play with, and they also begin to pay attention to the benefits of playing with blocks. Of course, there must be benefits for parents to do so. What are the benefits of playing with building blocks for babies?

  • The benefits of baby playing with blocks

Studies have shown that the regular use of children’s building blocks can help develop your baby’s intelligence and train your baby’s hand-eye coordination. The arrangement, joint, ring, symmetry, etc. in the building blocks are all good for the baby’s intelligence. So, in addition to these, what are the benefits of baby playing with building blocks?

The benefits of baby playing with blocksimagesbaby products

1. It can cultivate the baby’s ability to play actively and actively.

Blocks are a classic toy that babies play with often, like a staple in a meal. If your baby doesn’t use his imagination, thinking about how to play can’t be fun. And those toys that make noise, light up or have a certain image, mainly rely on the toy itself to bring fun to the baby.

2. Enhance the relationship between parents and babies.

It is more difficult for babies under 3 years old to play with blocks by themselves. So it’s best to play with blocks as a family game and play with the whole family. This can also deepen the parent-child relationship, so that the baby can fully feel the love of the parents from an early age. There are a lot of happy experiences with parents and mothers, and the baby will be more confident when he grows up.

3. Cultivate the baby’s ability to understand each other through observation.

Babies will slowly learn to observe “how the other person perceives their actions” when they are in contact with those around them. When playing with blocks, parents can try to scare the baby by pushing down the stacked blocks. Or say thank you when your baby “lent” a block to himself, so that the baby can experience different interpersonal situations.

Building blocks are a very classic existence in toys and have a long history. There are many benefits for babies to play with building blocks, which is why the building blocks have not been eliminated by the toy market after so many years. But when your baby is too young to play with blocks, you need your company. You need to slowly guide them to learn to play with blocks. Older children can exercise their creativity by letting them play with their own blocks.

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