Switch-the key to happiness

When we were children, we had all kinds of toys to choose from. When we grow up, work and study occupy most of our time. We have almost no time to play with toys. We even think that adults should not have toys. It’s not that we lost our childlike innocence, but that we didn’t meet the right toys. Swtich is the best toy for adults.
Swtich is a breakthrough product in form. Swtich has two game modes: at home, you can put it on the base and connect it to the TV. When you want to go out, you can pick up the master on the base and continue to play. Moreover, in order to deal with this special game form, Nintendo also designed the Swtich most famous Joy-con, which is a handle that can be split and combined.
Because switch has a detachable handle, it has designed many games that can be cooperated by multiple people, players can realize PVP game mode through joy con and play some somatosensory games.

  1. Ring Fit Adventure
    Recently, the Swtich game “Ring Fit Adventure” is very popular. This is a fitness game, players can put Joy-con into the game’s own “ring con” and leg strap to identify their actions and take risks in the game while exercising. In the game, 60 kinds of fitness postures can be realized, and the interaction between virtual and reality is realized.
  2. Just Dance® 2020
    Just Dance® 2020 is the ultimate dance game, there will be all kinds of very classic dance music in the game. Players need to jump together according to the characters in the game. players can exercise while playing the game. Players who like dancing can even learn and practice dancing in this game.

Swtich can be satisfied to meet the requirements of most players. It can cooperate with many people, interact with virtual reality, exercise。its good game to kill two birds with one stone. So, for adult, Swtich is the best toys, the key to happiness.