Stuffed animals, kids’ good friend

Stuffed toys ( stuffed animals ) is made of plush fabrics and other textile materials wrapped in a variety of stuffing, with soft, fuzzy and cute shape of the stuffed toys. Generally it is made into the image of animals, but there are also human-shaped plush toys.

Because of the appearance of a creature, this type of toy sometimes is given a soul by the child. Our innocent children will treat them as a close friend. So what are the benefits of playing with stuffed animals?

Bring your child a sense of security

The world is both beautiful and dangerous. No matter how far children go, no matter how unfamiliar a world they meet, children’s stuffed toys represent safety and familiarity. When it comes to new situations, a fluffy friend may help your child deal with them, giving them a stronger sense of security and less vulnerability.

We often see children who must cuddle with a stuffed animal or be covered with a soft blanket before they go to sleep at night. If they do not have them, they will be too annoyed to sleep. Some children always like to walk around with their favorite stuffed toys, even if they are doing other things, they do not want to put them down. That’s because stuffed animals can compensate to some extent for the child’s lack of security.

Tactile development

In addition to bringing sense of security, soft textiles, such as plush toys, can promote the development of tactile senses of young children. When a child touches a plush toy with his or her hands, the tiny fluffy fur touches every inch of the cells and nerves of the hands. The softness bringis a sense of pleasure to children and also contributes to the child’s tactile sensitivity.

However, no matter how good the plush toys are, they are not as good as the warm embrace of parents. Although stuffed animals can help children’s emotional development, they have less effect than the security and feelings that parents bring to their children. Parents still need to take time to spend with their children.

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