Spanish games

With the development of technology, new products can be seen everywhere. Mobile phones have many styles and functions. This has also resulted in less communication between people today. I’ve seen such an image before. At the party, everyone was playing on their cell phones and there was no communication between them. Seeing such a picture, I feel very sad. Technology has brought us a lot of comfort, but communication between people has become less. A new study shows that when you pick up your mobile phone, the people around you rush to look at yours, which researchers call the “chameleon effect.”

At parties, we can use some small games to replace mobile phones. The party will get more interesting. When I first went to Spain, I met a friend at a university student exchange party. Our acquaintance is amazing. We met through a game called Azul. At first I was very new to this game, but then I became a “master”.

The rules of the game

The rules of the game:

  1. Collection of tiles: When it is your turn, you must take a tile: your objective in this phase is to complete as many drawing lines as possible, since in the next phase of decorating the walls you will only be able to use the completed drawing lines to move the panels to their corresponding positions on the walls.
  1. Decorating the walls with tiles: In this phase, all players act simultaneously to move the completed pattern line panels to their corresponding positions on the wall.

a) Check your pattern line from top to bottom and move the rightmost panel of the completed pattern line to its corresponding position on the wall of the corresponding row, each time you move a panel you score a point.

b) Next, remove the remaining boards from the completed pattern line and temporarily store them in the game box.

After understanding the rules of the game, do you want to experience the fun of this game with your friends? This is a game very suitable for parties.