Sharing toys

Current educational thinking believes that toys can not only satisfy a child’s playful nature, but also an important tool for cultivating his good intelligence and healthy psychology. The first partner on the child’s growth path is the toy. Giving children some good toys can not only bring them a happy childhood, but also can effectively exercise the children’s hand-brain coordination and development and intellectual development. I believe that from childhood to adulthood, mom and dad must have bought us many toys. In the process of growing up, toys accompany us to grow, it is like a friend. Toys are everyone’s favorite and every child’s favorite. Generally speaking, different toys have different educational effects. For example, plush dolls can comfort children’s emotions, assembling toys can encourage children to explore, and toy cars can exercise children’s motor cells. Most boys like to have a variety of guns, toy cars and other toys, while girls prefer plush dolls and princess dolls.

But now most toys have been forgotten. Do you remember what your favorite toy is? Let me share some fun and popular toys.

Peppa Pig Doll:

I think Peppa Pig is one of the most popular cartoons among children. The animated characters in the page and the family are also very popular. Many children like to have Peppa Pig’s school bags and clothes. In addition, this doll is also one of the best choices to accompany the growth of children. Because its fabric is very comfortable, children can sleep with the doll in their arms.

Toys for training fingers:

The child’s body is at a stage of development, it is very necessary to exercise the coordination of hands and brain. This finger skateboard is very suitable for children. It is not only fun but also good for their bodies, and has the same effect as some intellectual toys.

In addition, there are some leisure toys, suitable for parents and children to play together. This can increase opportunities for communication with children and enhance parent-child relationships. In the process of playing with toys together, parents also play an important role. Parents should guide their children correctly. Playing with toys has many benefits for children, and parents should choose the right toys for their children.

These are the toys I want to share, and some suggestions I want to share with parents. I hope the children can grow up happily and healthily.