Roller skates: a must for beginners

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简介:Roller skates, which consist of four wheels lying next to each other, offer better stability and can be used to support a variety of roller skating sports.


Roller skating is an interesting sport. Not only does it train physical coordination, but it is also very good for improving physical strength and responsiveness. Various ice skating activities are becoming increasingly popular and figure skating competitions are also one of the most watched competitions. The difficult skill of the athletes in soft singing is staggering. Are you interested in this sport? If you want to skate, roller skates are essential equipment for outdoor roller skating activities.

Roller skates, also known as roller skates, are considered by many to be the original skates. They have four wheels – two in the front and two in the back – so they are known for their stability when sliding and standing. Roller skates are very suitable for beginners and their advantage lies in their versatility. They are fun, great for dancing and convey a completely different driving experience than inline skating.

Compared to inline skates, roller skates with multiple rollers are more suitable for beginners. There are many ice skates to choose from in the market. There are indoor and outdoor styles, soft shoes and hard shoes.

What type of roller skates should I buy?

There are many types of roller skates that are suitable for various roller skating events. Choosing the right roller skates depends on the skating activity you want, be it professional figure skating, outdoor training or simple indoor skating. Many shoes are versatile, and skaters can use roller skates for any roller-skating-related activity.

The difference between casual roller skates and professional roller skates is mainly in the design. Casual roller skates have a nicer look, especially the retro designs from the 70s to 90s are particularly popular. In addition, casual roller skates are usually cheaper than professional roller skates and you can buy good shoes even with a small budget. Of course, professional roller skates are of better quality, have a longer lifespan and can withstand more wear and tear.

If you are a beginner you will need to use shoes with hard or soft wheels. Harder wheels have a longer lifespan, offer less grip and less shock absorption, and are suitable for figure skating; However, you can also get a more direct power transfer. Softer wheels provide more grip and higher shock absorption, which makes driving smoother, but they also wear out faster and are suitable for free-skating. The higher the hardness scale on the roller, the harder the rubber used on the roller. You can make a selection based on your needs.

The rollers of roller skates come in a variety of sizes, and the rollers of indoor roller skates are typically smaller than those of outdoor roller skates. The small wheels are agile and easy to control, but they are not that fast at top speeds. The top speed of the large roller is higher and it can adapt better to bumps or stones than the small roller. On the other hand, they are more stable in control, particularly suitable for travel and descents. Of course, the weight of small bikes is lighter than that of large bikes, which is more suitable for children.

There are many recreational roller skates suitable for children that can be adjusted in size according to the size of the children’s shoes. Please choose according to the product description.

What is the right size for roller skates?

Most importantly, your feet are comfortable on roller skates. When you put on roller skates, your feet and toes should be able to move a little more. Roller skates should feel comfortable and not cause pain or discomfort. For beginners, it is advisable to choose roller skates one size larger than the shoe size you normally wear in order to shorten the break-in period for roller skates so that you do not feel any pain while learning to skate.

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