Remember me

Not in which child, the most important thing that our dear children miss is always: The latest style must hold hands to evoke people’s memories and nostalgia, although they may have been improved and good for generations.

  1. The impact

I remember Buzz Lightyear once said to Hu Di, “You used to tell me the meaning and value of toys. Now why do you forget that family and friends are the most important? Want to be collected by a museum? Always be behind the glass Watching, you can’t play with children. What kind of life is this?” If you have a baby, you might as well put down your mobile phone, turn off the TV, and spend more time with your children every day to play, read, and explore nature. This is the most important thing for children. The growth experience you need, you can also regain your innocence in this process.

  1. The research

Kevin Fox and Dr. Toy used these objects that once redefined play to pay tribute to the childhood time we shared. Have you found that some toys that we played with when we were young can still be bought now, and even our children and grandchildren can play with them in the future, such as yo-yos, magnetic drawing boards, Lego blocks, Barbie dolls, etc. These classic toys will never go out of style. Light up the childhood of many generations.

  1. The suggest

There are more and more choices of toys, and the education of children is becoming more and more refined. However, compared with the childhood before, now the children have less fun in outdoor exploration than the joy of owning electronic products. It is a child’s nature to love to play, explore, and be curious about the world. But nowadays, many children are more addicted to game consoles, comic books, and iPads than the beauty of nature. Many treasured parents saw their children playing in the mud, water, or rolling in the grass. Their first reaction was to stop them in a hurry. They were afraid of dirt, insects, bacteria.

Studies have shown that babies who have been short of learning, exploring and experiencing in nature for a long time are more likely to experience excessive stress, depression, and inability to concentrate. Letting your baby get close to nature is not a multiple-choice question, but a compulsory course. What Bao’s parents can do is to let go and protect them thoroughly.