Properly guide children how to play with toys

Properly guide children how to play with toysimagesbaby products、Construction toys

Children have always had a great passion for toys, and toys have become an important part of a child’s growth process. Children in every family have boxes full of toys. However, if children just play with toys at will every day, without the correct guidance of parents, playing with toys is almost a waste of time. How to properly guide children to play with toys?

How should parents guide their children to play with toys correctly?

Properly guide children how to play with toysimages1baby products、Construction toys

1. Provide a space for children to play with toys independently

Children’s toys will be more and more. Without a fixed and separate space to play with toys, children will litter toys everywhere. Provide a space for children to play with toys independently. Ask your child to tidy up the toy after each play with the toy.

2. According to different age groups, choose suitable toys.

Children at different ages need different toys to match. For example, a 1-2 month old baby’s body is developing in various functions. Babies at this stage need relatively simple, colorful toys that can make sounds. A little bigger, and by 3-4 months, the toys can be based on more complex toys. Allow your child to practice grasping smoothly. The toys played at each stage are different, and the exercise of the child’s ability is also different.

3. Do not throw away damaged toys.

Damaged toys are also a way to exercise a child’s imagination. Broken toys can stimulate children’s new ideas, and have a certain creativity in the play of toys.

4. Try not to buy too many toys.

Too many toys, children will not have a deeper exploration of a single toy. It will hinder children’s ability to discover and explore, and will not consciously conduct in-depth research on toys, such as thinking about how to play. At the same time, too many toys will also affect concentration, and children cannot concentrate on one toy.

5. Fix the time to play with toys and develop good living habits.

It is best for children to play with toys at a fixed time, such as noon or night every day, about an hour or so is more appropriate. Do not play with toys before going to bed, so as to avoid the child crying because he is unwilling to sleep, and develop good living habits.

Toys are very important companions for children, but they cannot replace the companionship of parents. Parents should not have such a misunderstanding that it is enough to throw a toy to the child. In fact, it is not the case. Children also hope to get the attention and company of their parents in the process of playing with toys. In the eyes of children, they are happiest when they are accompanied by their parents, which is far more than any delicate toy in the world.

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