Pokémon cards that collect childhood memories from children

In the Pokémon TCG, players put together their favorite Pokémon as a card set and then compete against each other. The battle between Pokémon then shows who is the best Pokémon trainer. The winner is the first person to own all of the prize cards. Or, if there are no more Pokémon in play or cards cannot be drawn when one of the games ends, the game ends.

There are different ways of collecting and playing:

(1)Personal collection, 11 Pokémon cards each (booster)

(2)Themed decks, each set of 60 cards, you can start playing right away (decks)

(3)Themed box with valuable Pokémon cards and other extras

Why do Pokémon card games make kids obsessed?

  • Satisfy the collecting nature of the children

The sparkling cards are like dragon gold in the eyes of children. Children in their childhood, collecting is their pleasure. Collect pebbles picked up on the street, Lego toys bought by parents, handicrafts made in class … Everyone has a small box with their childhood memories. So it’s no wonder that kids love collecting Pokémon cards. A whole box of cards contains not only “nonsense” parents may not understand, but also the happy moments of children playing with friends.

  • The desire to integrate into the common theme of the friends

Pokémon is a world famous anime, even people who have never seen Pokémon know Pikachu, the most famous Pokémon. Pokémon has been popular for twenty years and has a complete view of the world. The children who started chasing the first Pokémon have also reached the age of their parents. When I think back to how I used to like Pokémon, I can understand why kids now enjoy playing this game. If a game is popular with all children, who do not know how to play the game, who do not own Pokémon cards, you lose conversation with friends. And children with cards can use the cards to play and swap.

  • Use maps to improve your reading skills

In order to play the game, the children must learn to understand, read, speak, and use these words to express their meanings, the words on the cards. This is good for children with poor study skills. While playing, it can also stimulate children’s strategic thinking, learning how to use combinations of cards, build skills, expand their advantages, offset their disadvantages and defeat their opponents. Games are good teachers in every way. Although children may not purposefully improve their playing skills, their skills will imperceptibly improve.

Parents don’t have to worry that their children’s addiction to Pokémon cards will hinder their children’s development, on the contrary, the fun and skills that children can have in the game are much better than their daily destruction at home. A variety of Pokémon decks are sold on AliExpress – some are sold in the form of “blind boxes” where kids can disassemble the cards for fun. If your kids are also obsessed with Pokémon, then you can consider buying a set of decks at a great price to save your kids’ childhood memories.