Perfect fairy tale world: Do you know all these lovely characters in Disney?

Perfect fairy tale world: Do you know all these lovely characters in Disney?images

Do you like Disney animation? Disney character dolls are also popular with children. Which Disney character is your favorite? The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 by founder Walt Disney. The Walt Disney Company’s film distribution brands are: Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax Films, 20th Century Studios, LLC, Dimens Dimension Films, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, LLC. Three brands, Walt Disney, Touchstone, and Hollywood, have collaborated more than ten times with gold-medal filmmaker Jerry Brockheimer. Disney has a distribution partnership with Ghibli. Disney has launched many classic images, such as these lovely characters below.

1. Mickey‘s optimistic and open-minded nature with a boyish nature makes him a real winner. Mickey has a childlike friendliness and sincerity, healthy values and a spirit of daring to think, which makes Mickey even more adorable.

2. Minnie is a typical girl next door, with kind, caring and helpful female beauty. Minnie’s speech is noble and generous, her demeanor is elegant and moving, and she has the charming charm of a girl. Minnie is frank and innocent, retaining the simplicity of a country girl. Minnie is polite and shy, but retains her independence and self-esteem.

3. Donald Duck always starts his day full of ambition with a longing, hoping that everything will go according to his plans and intentions, but the world doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with him. In general, Donald Duck is friendly, optimistic, and an optimist. But when things didn’t go his way, Donald Duck often lost his temper. Donald Duck has infinite determination.

4. Daisy is stylish and sophisticated, with as wide a range of interests as a modern woman. Daisy has strong perseverance and a strong personality, self-confidence and independence, which is a big similarity between her and Minnie. Daisy grew up in a privileged environment and is passionate about the finer things in life. Daisy dresses elegantly, smells great, knows she’s beautiful, and likes the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful things.

5. Goofy is a kind-hearted, pure-hearted friend who is always smiling. Goofy is always cheerful and easy to get along with. Cute and a little naive, Goofy won everyone’s love with his simple charm. Small mistakes are sometimes made, but they are more than made up for by his optimism, enthusiasm, positivity and surprising good fortune.

6. Pluto is a lovely and loyal dog. Pluto is friendly and loyal, simple-minded and curious. The grown-up Pluto is still as playful as a child. Pluto is Mickey’s most important and loyal playmate.

7. Mermaid Princess Ariel, who loves adventure, has the most beautiful voice in the world. As a cute little mermaid, Ariel yearns for the human world where mermaid laws prohibit them from contacting. She is smart and beautiful, very brave, adventurous, and almost an explorer would describe her. She is the most beloved daughter of King Triton, the king of the sea, because she has the most beautiful voice in the world.

8. Snow White is a young and beautiful little princess. She is beautiful, elegant, young, soft-spoken and kind. Snow White is full of love for her friends. She is a real princess. Jealous of her vicious stepmother for her beauty, she flees the palace to befriend the Seven Dwarfs in the forest.

9.Winnie is a cute, furry bear. His favorite thing to do is take a sip of honey while his stomach growls. Winnie is funny and kind, and this silly little bear will always think hard to find honey in the Hundred Acre Wood, and then solve all kinds of mysteries.

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