Notice! Plush toys may be dangerous

Notice! Plush toys may be dangerousimagesbaby products、Construction toys

A variety of things accompany a child on the way of growth, among which toys play an indispensable part. But you have thought that toys are sometimes things that endanger children’s health, such as common plush toys. So are plush toys harmful to health?

  1. Since plush toys are textile toys that children directly touch the skin, the plush surface is easy to hide dust, bacteria and formaldehyde. Children’s allergy symptoms can be caused by children’s play and contact, which is harmful to health. Unclean plush toys can easily lead to diarrhea and lung infections in children.
  2. Due to the uncleanness of some plush toys, cross-infection is prone to occur when multiple children are in contact. In particular, some unqualified plush toys may use fillers that may irritate children’s respiratory tracts. Because these fillers contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, after contact with children, it is easy to make children cry, erythema, and in severe cases, they can also induce skin diseases or other infectious diseases.
  3. Since formaldehyde can strongly stimulate the human respiratory tract and skin diseases, it may cause respiratory inflammation and dermatitis. In addition, formaldehyde is a strong irritant to the skin and an initiator of various allergies. In the process of children playing with formaldehyde-containing plush toys, some free formaldehyde will be released, causing damage to children’s health.

Therefore, we must choose qualified products when choosing plush toys for children. In addition, when choosing plush toys, you should also pay attention to the following points.

  1. Plush toys should be equipped with instructions for use. Instructions for use are often affixed to the toy in the form of a tag. The instructions for use should indicate the product name, main material or ingredients, applicable age range, safety warnings and other information.
  2. The stuffing inside the plush toy should be sufficient and soft to the touch. And elastic, no odor.
  3. The seams on the plush toys should be firm. Filler must not emerge from the seam.
  4. Small parts on plush toys such as eyes, nose, mouth, small bells and other accessories should be strong and firm. And there are no sharp edges, no burrs, and it is not easy to fall off during children’s play.

Have you learned how to choose a plush toy for your child? Don’t forget that it is also very important to clean the plush toys regularly! The toys are clean, the baby can grow up healthily.

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