Nintendo’s classic game: Super Mario

1| Childhood memories: Uncle Super Mario in red clothes

Super Mario is a series of Mario-based platforming games developed by Nintendo in collaboration with Shigeru Miyamoto and Osamu Tezuka. Super Mario games are usually set in the fictional mushroom kingdom, with the player controlling the character Mario, who runs and jumps across platforms and opponents. The game’s plot is simple and usually consists of Mario rescuing the kidnapped Princess Peach from the main enemy, Bowser.

Eat gold coins, overcome obstacles and break through levels …… Mario is the forerunner for these classic game elements. Many games have taken inspiration from Mario games, creating a number of new games in the breakout and over obstacle genre. From the big game consoles to the handhelds, Super Mario has seen a rapid development of the game medium in three decades, but its pixelated style, simple but iconic graphics, magical music and entertaining gameplay are still popular with many. With the popularity of 3D games, Mario has also started a 3D series.

2| Reasons for Super Mario’s popularity over the years

There is no doubt that Mario pioneered the breakout game. The constant ability to innovate (with a new series at regular intervals) and the successive offshoots are also a reason for the longevity of the series. For over thirty years, Mario has gone from being a classic game to being a memory. Sometimes people in Mario not only see a little red man with a beard, but also themselves as a kid. Nintendo’s marketing strategy was to keep introducing new levels with Mario as the main character – and that strategy worked. Mario is like an old friend who grew up with some people. Even those who have never played a Mario game must have heard of this huge series of games. Mario also tells a story, but the plot is much simpler than other games and can even be summed up simply as “protect the princess”, a variation on the fairy tale many people heard as children – the prince breaks through the forest and saves the princess The story is easy to understand and resonates with the people. The simplicity of the story is easier to remember than a large story with hundreds of characters. Mario can start all over again if he has failed a level. That meant there was no real death in the game and the challenge could always be met. That also spurred some people to be competitive and they had to get through the levels.

Super Mario wasn’t a perfect person, he wasn’t young, he didn’t have a slim body or a pretty face, but these imperfections allowed the average person to translate them into this character. For over thirty years, the Mario logo has found its way into various other mediums such as film, television, print media, and various merchandising items and has proven to be successful.

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