Mysterious universe

What kind of scene will we see when we leave the Internet, leave our familiar living environment, and walk out of the earth? We should not be confined in this confined space. In addition to mobile phones and computers, there are many other things that can attract us. Many people have lost the curiosity they had when they were young. I think when you were playing with toys when you were young or when you encountered some magical phenomena, you would definitely ask a hundred thousand why. It is important to keep a curious mind. Let us explore this magical universe together!

The universe is a vast space in which various celestial bodies and other substances exist. There is no gravity in the universe, and if you don’t bring an oxygen cylinder, you will die, because there is no oxygen we need in the universe. Everywhere in the universe is filled with gas, dust, etc. The main thing in the universe is the planet. There are about 1 trillion planets in the universe, and the eight planets are included, such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc., of course, there are also the earth, the sun, and the moon that we are most familiar with. Through the telescope we can observe these beautiful and strange things.

When our sight goes over the earth, we can see a more mysterious universe. It hides countless mysteries, and humans are slowly cracking it. As scientists continue to explore and study the universe in depth, they have discovered many interesting phenomena. Among them, four phenomena have surprised scientists as well. They are contrary to human intuition. But these three phenomena that violate people’s cognition have been confirmed by scientists through experiments. So what are these 4 special cosmic phenomena?

1. The speed of light cannot be surpassed. Because when a mass object is in motion, its mass will increase indefinitely as its speed approaches the speed of light infinitely. At this time, the energy required for the object to continue to accelerate will also reach infinity. Obviously this is impossible to achieve, so the speed of the object can never exceed the speed of light.

2. Time and space can be distorted.

3. Matter can arise out of nothing. The macro theory holds that matter cannot be produced out of thin air, but the theory in the quantum world holds that a large number of particles can appear out of thin air in the vacuum of the universe.

You can feel the mystery of the universe! Every part of it attracts us. We like to record beautiful things with mobile phones or cameras, so that the beauty of that moment is frozen in the photos. But many of the beauty of the universe can be observed through a telescope. This universe is really mysterious and beautiful!