How to Pick the Right Magnetic Toy

Magnetic toys refer to toys with magnets or magnetic parts. Magnetic toys are composed of multiple magnetic pieces and accessories. It has a variety of geometric shapes and can be built into a variety of shapes. In recent years, magnetic toys have become more and more popular among parents and children. Because it is not only colorful to attract children’s attention, but also can exercise children’s various abilities.

Often playing with magnetic toys can not only exercise children’s hands-on ability, but also exercise children’s thinking ability and decision-making ability. The process of freely matching magnetic toys will give children unlimited imagination. This stimulates the child’s potential imagination. Magnetic toys have become one of the most popular toys. There are many magnetic toys on the market. You should also be careful when choosing. If you don’t know how to choose, you can refer to these tips below.

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Tips for buying magnetic toys

1. Look at the logo.

When consumers buy and use magnetic toys, they should check whether the content of the product identification is complete. If applicable age, safety warnings, compliance standards and manufacturer information. When purchasing, you should choose the appropriate product according to the applicable age group marked on the product.

2. Look at the size.

The size of the magnet parts of the toy should not be too small. Young children are easily swallowed and suffocated when playing with such magnetic toys. Therefore, magnetic toys that are larger in size and difficult to enter should be purchased.

3. Ask more.

Before purchasing, you should ask the customer service of the e-commerce platform or the salesperson of the physical store. In order to understand the function and possible risks of magnetic toys. Try to effectively avoid buying unsuitable or risky products. When purchasing on an e-commerce platform, you can also gain an in-depth understanding of product information by viewing buyer reviews.


1. Children should not be allowed to play with toys that include small parts that are strongly magnetized (magnetic flux index greater than 50kG2mm2) in order to prevent unintentional ingestion or inhalation injuries.

2. When children play with magnetic toys, parents should read the relevant warning instructions carefully. And do a good job of supervision and necessary reminders. Prevent unexpected events from happening.

3. If a child is found to have swallowed or inhaled the magnetic parts. Or find children with suspected symptoms such as sudden abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Immediately seek medical attention!

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