How to clean your baby’s toys?

Children cannot live without games, and they cannot play without toys. They take their toys around the house, dragging it on the floor, and nearly every toy ends up in their mouth. As a result, babies are easily affected by the bacteria and viruses carried on toys and get sick. Then we all agree that maintaining clean toys is an absolute necessity.

But how? Toys are also made of different materials, their ways of cleaning are the same? If we do not clean properly, can baby be affected by disinfectants?

Different toys need to be cleaned in different ways. Here’s how you can clean each one of your baby’s toys.

1.Stuffed Toys

The material of plush toys is extremely easy to catch dust and bacteria. If these toys are not cleaned for a long time, it is easy for children to get infected with bacteria.

These toys can be usually hand washed with water and soap. Or you can choose to put them in a washing machine. Don’t use your commonly used cleanser, since your baby will be playing with these toys afterward. Use the baby shampoo and after that let them dry in the sun. For washing machines, you’ll be able put all of them together in a cloth and run it on gentle mode.

2.Bath Toys

Bath toys are usually wet because of their application. Babies bath daily and play with them while bathing. If they are in a wet and humid condition for a long time, it is easy to breed mold. These toys should also be cleaned on a daily basis. Wash them after each bath and then keep them to dry or hang them on a drying wire.

3.Plastic toys

Plastic toys come in all shapes and sizes, and these are popular among any child. Many toys also have batteries in them. Therefore, when cleaning them, it is necessary to remove the batteries and cover them partially.

You can easily clean most plastic toys by using warm water and some soap or even using dish detergent. These are best suited for all-plastic toys that do not have any fabric. Place these toys on a clothes tray so that the water can easily drip off. If using a washing machine, use the gentle mode for a short time and let them dry naturally. For any toys with smaller moving parts, you can use toothbrush to properly clean the interior area.

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