How to clean plush toys for the health of your children?

In the growth process of every child, it is inseparable from the company of all kinds of toys. There are many kinds of toys on the market with different styles, but I believe that there is a toy you must have selected for your child. When you were a child, the kind of toy you once owned, that was a plush toy. Plush toys look cute and feel very comfortable. They are loved by adults and children. Because of this, they are easy to get dirty and children’s resistance is low. If you don’t keep the toys clean in time, it’s not good for children. That said, being surrounded by bacteria makes it easy to get sick. How long have you not cleaned and disinfected the plush toys at home? Only proper cleaning can ensure the physical and mental health of children. Here are some methods for cleaning plush toys for your reference.

How to wash with a washing machine

1. Make sure your plush toy can be washed in a washing machine. Read the label on the toy to check if the toy can be washed in the washing machine. The following types of plush toys cannot be machine washed:

-There is a built-in music box in the toy.

-The toy is very old, the fluff or limbs are falling off, or it feels easily broken when held in the hand.

-Certain parts of the toy are glued on, such as plastic eyes, legs, arms, ears, or sequins.

-Plush toys wear clothes that are easily broken, and the clothes are permanently sewn on the toy and cannot be taken off.

-The toy is filled with tiny foam balls instead of cotton wool.

2. Check the toy carefully. Are there any components that need to be removed? Are there any loose threads that need to be dealt with? Be sure not to damage the toy or washing machine.

3. Put the plush toy in the laundry mesh bag. It can protect toys from being hooked and squeezed during cleaning.

4. Choose a gentle washing program. Even normal washing is too intense for plush toys, so you can only choose gentle washing at any time. You can use warm water or cold water for washing. Do not use hot water, otherwise it may cause degumming and cause the parts on the toy to fall off.

How to wash by hand

1. Read the label. The label of the plush toy may say that it can only be washed by hand, or it can only be washed with the gentle cycle of the washing machine. If the toy is easily damaged, hand washing is the safest and the best way to clean the toy thoroughly.

Local cleaning is not enough, because dirt may have penetrated under the surface fabric. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, bacteria and odors will remain in the toy.

2. Prepare a large container, such as a bucket or washbasin. Fill the container with water and pour a cup of mild detergent. You must first read the instructions on the packaging of the washing powder, and check the material of the plush toy, and then decide whether the washing powder is the best choice for cleaning the plush toy. Some powerful washing powders may discolor or even break the toy.

3. Soak the stuffed toy in water. The toy should be completely submerged so that the washing powder solution can penetrate into the toy and completely combat stains.

4. Rinse away the washing powder. Thoroughly wash the detergent in the toy, and then squeeze the water as much as possible. Don’t shake or twist the toy too hard.

5. Let the toy dry. Use your hands to fluff the toy to restore it to its shape before washing as much as possible. Do not place the plush toy directly near a heat source or under the sun, otherwise it will cause the toy to fade or deform.

Only by ensuring that the toys are clean, children can play healthily, and parents can be more at ease.

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