How to choose toys for kids

Many mothers ask babies of different age groups what toys to buy. Today we will share with you what toys are suitable for babies from 0 to 6 at different age groups, and what styles of toys are recommended for each age group. Let’s take a look!

Three months after birth, babies mainly listen and see, because they can’t sit up by themselves, and their little hands are not strong enough to hold things tightly. At this time, what they are most interested in is what they see and hear around them. And the vision of the newborn baby is also blurred, their eyes can only focus on something about 20-40 cm in front of their eyes.

Babies aged 0 to 3 months also sleep most of the time, so parents do not need to prepare too many toys. You can buy some brightly colored toys that can make sounds, which can comfort the baby. The effect of coaxing the baby to sleep is even better!

The eyesight of babies from 3 to 6 months has gradually become clear. They still like toys with bright colors and sound, but compared to 3 months ago, their motor skills have been well developed. They would prefer to play with toys by themselves.

Three-month-old babies can stretch their hands freely. Parents can buy some toys with hanging pendants, or some spherical toys that are easy for the baby to grasp. Babies who are 3 months old can start to slowly raise their heads and chests. Parents can buy some toys to help them make tummy time. After 4 months, babies may try to start crawling everywhere, so toys parents such as crawling blankets can also be prepared at this stage.

Babies who are 6 months old can basically support themselves to sit up, and many babies can crawl very fast. In fact, after the baby is 6 months old, there will be a lot of choices for toys. You can start to do things like building blocks by yourself.

It is recommended to prepare toys with more complex designs and more diverse play methods. In short, it is possible to let the baby sit and play for a while, so that parents can also take the opportunity to relax.