How to choose a children’s bicycle?

A child’s childhood is inseparable from a bicycle. There are many benefits to children who regularly ride their bikes. Cycling can promote the full development of children’s movement and balance ability. It can be said that the earlier you ride a bicycle, the better it is for the development of children’s athletic talents. So how to choose a children’s bicycle? What should you pay attention to when choosing a children’s bike?

How to choose a children’s bicycle?imagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Size

Pay attention to size when choosing a kids bike for your child. The size of the size mainly depends on the height of the child. Generally, the suitable height of a 12-inch children’s bicycle is 85-105 cm. The suitable height of a 14-inch children’s bicycle is 90-120 cm. The task height of the 16-inch children’s bike is 105-135 cm. Generally, the height of the saddle and handlebar can be adjusted. Therefore, it is not a problem for the children’s bicycle to be a little lower. But it’s best to make sure that your child’s feet are just on the ground when parking.

2. Children’s bicycle tires

When choosing a children’s bicycle, you can pay attention to whether the tires are rubber tires or solid tires. The advantage of solid tires is that there is no need to inflate, and the manufacturing cost and selling price are not too high. But its disadvantage is that it is a little hard to ride and not wear-resistant. Children under the age of 3 can consider bicycles with solid tires. Older children still recommend ordinary rubber tires with pneumatic tires.

3. Key Components

When choosing children’s bicycles for children, be sure to check whether the brake parts, seats, chains, tires and other components are firm and reliable.

4. Auxiliary wheel

Auxiliary wheels are the two side wheels on either side of the rear wheel of a children’s bicycle. It mainly plays the role of stabilizing the body. At the beginning, it is recommended to use auxiliary wheels, and then consider removing them when the child has a driving feeling. The advantage of auxiliary wheels is that they are not afraid of accidental falls.

How to choose a children’s bicycle?images1baby products、Construction toys

5. Safety

The most important thing when choosing a car for your child is to check whether the brakes are effective. Pay attention to whether the brakes of children’s bicycles will be too sensitive and cause falls. Also pay attention to whether its handlebars are strong enough and reliable. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether there is a protective cover at the key connection part to prevent the clothes from entangling and causing injury. It is best to choose a fully enclosed chain cover, which is beneficial to prevent hands and feet from being pinched. Check whether the parts on the car are sharp or whether the welding is firm, and whether the welding seam is uniform and neat.

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