Funny toy

Today there are all kinds of toys for children, and each child likes it differently. But I believe that all children will enjoy this toy, not only children, but also many adults. That is the kaleidoscope. It is a very magical toy. Children’s curiosity is very strong, so come and learn about the kaleidoscope, and then go teach your children.

Introduction to Kaleidoscope:

Kaleidoscope, an optical toy in which a brightly colored object is placed at one end of a cylinder with a trigonal mirror in the center and the other end sealed with an open glass, which rotates and changes the pattern. Do you know how the kaleidoscope pattern is formed? It is formed by the reflection of a glass mirror. It is made by forming a triangular prism with three glass mirrors and placing pieces of glass of various colors at one end, which are reflected in the three glass mirrors to create a symmetrical pattern that looks like a flower in full bloom.

The principle of kaleidoscope:

The principle of the kaleidoscope is the reflection of light, using mirrors to reflect light and form images. Do you know who invented the kaleidoscope? It’s the Scottish physicist, David Brewster. In 1816, when he was studying the nature of light with multiple mirrors, he saw the reflection of several mirrors placed opposite each other and placed a flower paper in the cavity formed by the mirrors. To make the patterns change, he placed three angled mirrors on a cylinder and placed the paper between two layers of glass at the end of the cylinder. This is how the kaleidoscope was invented.

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