Extreme sports: skateboarding

What extreme sports do you like? Bungee jumping or skydiving? In fact, there is a sport that is also an extreme sport, which is skateboarding. Skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land. The former is limited by geography and climate, while the latter has greater freedom.

The composition of the skateboard:

It is important to choose the right size and arc for your body. The board is usually made of five, seven or nine layers of wood with high pressure. The wood can be Canadian maple, Chinese maple or birch. Choose sandpaper that must be “sticky” to the foot to increase friction between the shoe and the surface. The dimensions of wheels are calculated in millimeters, the most common being 52-56 millimeters. Bigger wheels are faster, and smaller wheels are better for fancy tricks.

For many skateboarders, even the bad weather cannot stop their love of skateboarding. In addition to choosing indoor skateboarding venues, you can also practice skateboarding through finger skateboarding at home.

The finger skateboard:

The finger skateboard is said to be invented by an American skater. It is used to practice skills in the rain and control the skateboard with fingers instead of feet at home. The appearance and configuration of the finger skateboard are no different from ordinary skateboards. Professional finger skateboards are even There are also wheel bearings and plate curvature, which are reproduced with reduced details from ordinary skateboards.

In the beginning, the finger skateboard had two main uses:

On the one hand, it was a new type of skateboard that allowed skaters to learn skills in bad weather and have fun with the various obstacles inside. On the other hand, it has become an excellent gadget for communicating skateboarding actions and skills. People can use the fingerboard to learn lessons and skills on the model during the game.

With the increase in the number of skateboarding sports, the attraction of this sport has gradually emerged, and more and more people have joined the sport. Whether you are an office worker or a student, there is no age limit. And finger skaters can put it on their desk or hang it on a key ring, so they can put it in their pockets when they go out and pick it up when they want to play. Play in places like desks and books, or buy a skate park on AliExpress, which is more professional and fun. This is a mini skateboard suit, a fun toy.