Electronic toys, good or not?

In recent years, electronic audio toys designed for children have become very popular. Many electronic toys and apps have been shown to promote language development in children. But parents will inevitably have doubts, traditional toys vs. electronic toys, which one is more helpful to help children develop their language ability?

What does it mean to be a real toy?

The most important characteristic of toys is not how “fun” they are, but that they bring children and parents together and foster close relationships and promote social, emotional, cognitive and language development.

Should we avoid children playing with electronic toys?

In today’s electronic age, it is unlikely that electronic products will be abandoned. To a certain extent, electronic products have a significant impact on the reform and development of children’s education, and as long as they can be fully and well used, they have an important role in promoting the reform of education, the transformation of educational thinking and the deepening of quality education.

Advantages of electronic toys

Children by nature love to play. Studies have shown that it is difficult to stimulate their interest if they are allowed to learn in a boring way. Smart toys can help children improve their cognitive expression, logical thinking skills and so on in the game, guide them to learn independently and develop a greater passion for learning good habits.

How to use electronic toys appropriately

Before the age of 2, children should have less access to electronic products, including tablets, cell phones and TVs. Children aged 2 to 3 should not be exposed to electronic products for more than 30 minutes a day. It is best to divide it into two sessions, 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon.

Parents should learn to use the electronic products to stimulate their children’s brain activity. It is important for parents to accompany their children in using electronic devices. For example, listening to a story with the child allows the child to use his or her imagination in the process of listening to conceptualize the story pictures.

To avoid children become addicted to electronic toys, after using electronic toys for a certain period of time, parents should take their children’s attention away from electronic products and accompany them to participate in outdoor activities and do more sports.

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