Doll in horror movie

Dolls are indispensable toys in children’s childhood. For many little girls, the cute and beautiful dolls are also carried with them and can’t put it down. But it is precisely because of the cute appearance of doll that it is used as a very important film element in horror films. When the doll becomes a murderous machine, it will give us a strong contrast.

  1. Uncanny Valley

Masahiro Mori, the godfather of modern Japanese simulation robots, put forward the concept of “Uncanny Valley” in 1970. Its connotation is: When an object’s appearance and actions resemble real humans, but not a perfect fit, humans as observers will have a disgusting reaction.
This concept was originally prepared for humanoid robots, and later extended to various fields, including “humanoid toys” such as Barbie dolls and puppets. Faced with these objects that look like people but do not possess human life, the audience can easily fall into the psychological valley of horror.

Now I recommend a few horror movies with dolls:

  1. Dead Silence
    A child was killed. The villagers believed that the murderer was Mary Shaw, a local woman who made a living by performing ventriloquism with doll. The angry villagers caught Mary and cut off her tongue, and put them into the fire together with her doll. Since then, the disappeared doll will appear in the village from time to time. Every time they appear, people die, and the dead people will have their tongues cut off. So there is a legend left in the village: When you see Mary’s doll Belgium, don’t scream.
  2. Chucky movie series
    After a murderer was chased by the police to a toy store, he found that he was desperate and had a gunshot wound. In desperation, Charles Lee chanted a spell and attached his soul to a doll next to him. The local newspaper finally reported the incident with the mysterious disappearance of the murderer.
  3. Dolls
    All the toys in an ancient house were alive and began to kill people. The highlight was the ubiquitous and pressing feeling of dolls. A group of toy soldiers encircled and suppressed humans, which was very vivid.
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