Do you regret buying a Switch?

The Nintendo Switch, the last hardware product developed by former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, made its NS debut to a strong response, with the trailer receiving over 10 million YouTube views on its first day, and at one point topping the YouTube airplay charts and overshadowing the US election. Many young people are keen on Nintendo’s games, so is the switch, a console from Nintendo, worth buying or not? Will we regret buying the switch after we have bought it?

The answer is: No, we will not.

General features about Switch

The Switch is Nintendo’s new home console, and the best feature of this console is that it is highly portable, very easy to hold in your hand and carry in your bag, and you can play console games without having to connect an additional monitor. The switch is also designed for communication between friends, bringing family and friends closer together. The left and right joysticks can be detached and used as two separate handles to share with your friends, and both joysticks also come with somatosensory functionality.

Multifunctional joystick

We can do a lot of things with these two joysticks, take exercise for example, buy some accessories and we can lose fat even at home, this way we can lose weight while playing games, I believe it can inspire many people. And if you want to experience a bigger screen, the switch can do that too, with an official dock that connects to your TV with an HDMI cable, and then you can put the switch in gently to play games on the big screen.

Easy to new players and easy to carry around

It is very easy to install and the switch’s performance is maximised when it is in console mode. Of course it has its drawbacks and that is its battery life, as most of the games it runs are quite polished, so it puts a lot of strain on the console. The second is the functionality of the switch itself, as it has to compromise between performance and portability. To focus more on portability, some of its performance is sacrificed.

A tiny disadvantage about the graphic quality

The switch is a little less graphically advanced than other dedicated consoles. However, in this day of fast development, a console like the switch that can be taken anywhere is more popular than traditional consoles that are more of a hassle to carry around and can’t be played anywhere, the switch is a great surprise.

All in all, you’ve officially stepped into the world of Nintendo gaming when you decide to buy a switch. As a tool for entertainment outside of work and school, this console will meet all your needs. Therefore, you will definitely not regret buying the switch.

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