Do not force children to share toys with others

Do not force children to share toys with othersimagesbaby products、Construction toys

“Learning to share with others” can seem like a very tricky problem as a child grows up. In fact, the word “I” is often one of the first words a child learns. By the age of two or three, a child experiences a transition from a “consciousness of oneness” to a “consciousness of the individual.” So you will often hear children say things like: “This is mine!”, “I can do it myself!” and so on.

Parents do not want their children to be too selfish. Therefore, some parents will ask their children to share toys with others as their children grow up. But is that right? This may not teach children to share. There may even be resentment in the child. Because we gave others what he liked. And will no longer trust parents.

  • Don’t force kids to share

Do you often see something like this when you play with your kids? The child took a toy and had a good time. And when parents encounter other parents bringing their children over. Parents will ask their children to share toys with other children and let them play together. But their own children were reluctant, and the parents said they took the toys and handed them directly to the children of other families. Also, teach your children to learn to share. But in fact, this approach does not really let children learn to share. In the world of children, such an approach is actually robbing a beloved item.

The most important thing is to share based on your own willingness. So when we let children share, we must let the children willingly rather than forced. A toy that a child likes very much is not just a thing, maybe the child sends off a lot of emotions! So when we force this thing on him to someone else, he will feel lost our love. So when children play outside, we must deal with such things.

Forcing children to give their beloved toys to other children to play with is really bad for the baby’s mental health. Children lose interest in playing with friends because of things like this. They also lose trust in us because of things like this. He will feel that this thing is obviously his own, but we force the things he likes to others. We should ask the children for their opinions, and if the children want, then they play and share together. If you don’t want to, then don’t force it. This is also very beneficial for children to form an independent character in the future, and they will have their own opinions. Please give the initiative to your children, let them learn to share and learn to share the problems encountered in the process. This is what we should do.

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