Dead Silence-who’s the doll?

Nursery rhymes should be full of laughter, but there are some nursery rhymes in the world that make people creepy. There is a terrible nursery rhyme in the small village of Raven’s Fair: Beware the stare of Marry Shaw; She has no children, only dolls; If you see her, don’t scream; Or she’ll open your mouth and tear off your tongue.

Dead Silence was theatrically released in the United States on March 16, 2007, by Universal Pictures. The film was dedicated to Gregg Hoffman.

It is said that in the 1940s, a tragic incident occurred in a small village called Raven’s Fair in the United States. A child was killed. The villagers believed that the murderer was Mary Shaw, a local woman who lived by performing ventriloquism with a puppet. The angry villagers caught Mary, cut off her tongue and burned her puppets in the fire. Since then, the disappeared puppets will appear in the village from time to time. Every time they appear, someone will die, and the dead will have their tongue cut off. So the village left a legend: when you see Mary’s puppet Belgium, don’t scream.

Decades later, Jamie, who had been far away from Raven’s Fair, found his new wife Lisa strangely dead in the apartment. When he returned to the village to deal with his wife’s affairs, he suddenly remembered the story of puppet murder he had heard when he was a child. Jamie decided to solve the mystery, and the dusty history of terror was opened again.

This film,with ventriloquism and puppets as terrorist elements, the music behind the scenes is melodramatic and reversed, combined with its bright and dark lighting effect, as well as the scene atmosphere built .In the film, psychological cues are often used to hold the audience’s heart first, and then release it in the next outstanding closer or stranded perspective. These multi-element clips and sounds interpret the profound skills of Director Wen Ziren.

Watch this movie with your friends, remember, don’t open your mouth when you are afraid!

“Beware the stare of Marry Shaw,

She had no children only dolls…”

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