Cute Pig Peppa

Each episode of Peppa Pig lasts about 5 minutes, and the story revolves around Peppa and her family and friends. These stories involve daily life, such as what happened at school, visiting grandparents, and playing with friends in the yard.

Character introduction:

Peppa Pig is a very cute little pig who lives with his mother, father and younger brother. He likes to play in the mud. His favorite food is pasta and chocolate cake. In addition, she also likes to dress up as a princess.

George Piggy is Peppa Pig’s younger brother and has gone to kindergarten. He has a very lively and naughty personality. He likes the same things as his sister. His favorite toy is a dinosaur.

Mother Pig is a good mother to Peppa and George. She mainly focuses on cooking and housework for the whole family. But it also works.

Daddy Pig is the father of Peppa and George. He can be a little confused at times, but he loves Page and George very much.

There are some friends of Peppa Pig. Danny Dog’s father works abroad, so he often follows his grandfather and mother. He likes to dress up as a pirate. Pedro Pony is very lively. Suzy Sheep is a good friend of Peppa Pig. Rebecca Rabbit is more lively and likes carrots.

It promotes traditional concepts of family and friendship. Because Peppa Pig has received so much attention and love, and because it has a special significance for children’s education. Many companies have developed products related to Peppa Pig. The most common thing on the market is to hang dolls, which can be placed not only in children’s rooms as decorations, but especially in school backpacks. In this way, children will like dolls more. We provide you with peppa pig juguetes, and you can give it to your child.