Choose the right toy: Toys are important for inspiring your child’s future.

Choose the right toy: Toys are important for inspiring your child’s future.imagesConstruction toys

Children’s development of information processing skills during play is an important foundation for their future development. Therefore, the choice of toys becomes very important. The toys provided to children should not only make them feel interesting, but also provide them with rich sensory stimulation and knowledge learning. What kind of toys to choose for children at what stage has always been a topic of special concern for parents. For example, toys for younger children focus on developing hand-eye coordination, color cognition, and shape observation, while older children need more development in logical thinking, social awareness, and spatial imagination. If you don’t know what toy to choose for your child, here are some classic toys that you can refer to.

1. Large particle building blocks

  • Applicable age: 1 year old and above
  • How to play: Cognition of building block screen content, three-dimensional creative construction, parent-child interaction
  • Safety: large particles, anti-swallowing, high safety (babies in this age group are small and lack self-care ability, they need to play with their parents)
  • Exercise ability: color cognition, plane geometric thinking, three-dimensional geometric thinking, imagination

For babies over 1 year old, most of them are first attracted by the colors and patterns of building blocks. They didn’t have the ability to build independently at first, but explored the world by touching, beating, and biting. At this time, the baby does not have the ability to take care of himself, and needs the patient guidance and companionship of parents to help the baby complete the game together. Through the process of building blocks, the baby can observe life, stimulate curiosity, exert imagination and creativity, and exercise hand-eye-brain coordination unconsciously.

2. Children’s drawing board

  • Applicable age: 2 years old and above
  • How to play: graffiti, painting, imagination, creation
  • Safety: You can create art at home, with high safety
  • Exercise ability: color cognition, painting art enlightenment, imagination, hands-on ability

Babies aged 2-3 are still in the stage of graffiti. At this time, they can let themselves create and express their emotions. Babies over 3 years old can start targeted teaching, guidance and arouse their interest. This toy is also suitable for older children’s artistic creations.

3. Advanced Sudoku

  • Applicable age: 6 years old and above
  • How to play: Three Sudoku games of four palaces, six palaces and nine palaces, ninety-five classic questions layout design
  • Security: high
  • Exercise ability: puzzle thinking, attention, observation and reaction, exercise hand-eye-brain coordination

Sudoku is a logic game that originated in Switzerland in the 18th century in the form of numbers and performed calculations with paper and pen. It can exercise the coordination of hands, eyes and brain. Through systematic logical thinking training, it can develop children’s intelligence, improve their memory, improve their ability to respond, and analyze and solve problems.

4. Puzzles

  • Applicable age: 8 years old and above
  • How to play: Put all the pieces of the puzzle together into a complete picture.
  • Security: high
  • Exercise ability: hands-on ability, artistic enlightenment, imagination, patience and concentration

Puzzle is more suitable for some children and adults over 8 years old, it mainly tests patience and carefulness. The beautiful patterns of the puzzles can improve the player’s artistic and aesthetic ability, and can also develop the player’s thinking creativity. For children, parental company is also a very important part of play. Play with your child with toys to make companionship more fun.

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