Choose the right toy for your child

Choose the right toy for your childimages

Toys are indispensable companions for children. Toys can not only be used to play, but also can promote the development of children’s minds. With the development of science and technology, the patterns of toys emerge in an endless stream, and the styles are changing with each passing day. If every kind of toy is bought for children, it is really unrealistic. On the one hand, the financial strength of most families does not allow it. On the other hand, it is easy for children to develop the habit of not cherishing, wasting, and liking the new. So how do you choose the right toy for your child?

1. Safety of toys

Your child’s safety is paramount. When parents choose toys for their children, they must check whether the material of the toy is safe, non-toxic, and has no odor. Small children like to put things in their mouths. Therefore, do not buy toys with unknown materials and potential safety hazards. Also pay attention to whether there are sharp or prickly spots on the exterior of the toy. The child’s skin is tender, be sure to check carefully, do not accidentally hurt the child.

2. Choose toys according to the age of the child

Children of different ages need different toys. Children aged 0-2 belong to the sensorimotor stage. Children at this age rely on sensory movements to adapt to the outside world. Therefore, they can choose toys that can make sounds, are brightly colored, and are easy to operate, such as rattles, rattles, rattles, drums, and small trains that can be pushed. These toys can exercise your child’s muscle strength. You can also buy some picture books for your children. It is both fun and can teach children to recognize some common things in life such as colors, fruits, vehicles, and small animals.

Children aged 3-5 already have a certain ability to control their own bodies, and their concrete image thinking begins to develop. Therefore, they can choose toys such as scooters, bicycles with auxiliary wheels, basketballs, etc. These toys can be a good exercise for children’s balance, control and willpower. Children aged 3-5 can buy some picture books. Hard books are not easy for kids to tear. Let them read aloud more often, which can not only exercise the children’s language expression ability, but also enrich the children’s image and develop the ability of concrete image thinking.

5-7 years old is a sensitive period for a child’s own identity confirmation. Children love to play various roles to satisfy their curiosity. Children like to pretend to be a father or mother, a teacher, a doctor, a police officer, etc. Therefore, parents can buy toys such as toys, Barbie dolls, doctor tools, police cars, etc. for their children, so that children can experience what different roles and occupations do.

3. Choose toys according to the gender of the child.

Choosing toys according to your child’s gender can foster your child’s gender advantage. Of course, this is not absolute, you can choose according to your child’s preferences. Boys like sports and military toys, such as various guns and various cars. Girls like to take care of people and dress up. They can choose Barbie dolls and plush toys. These toys can cultivate children’s love and sense of responsibility.

4. Choose the right educational toys

Educational toys occupy a very important position in early childhood education, as indispensable as school textbooks. Therefore, when choosing toys for children, choose educational toys that children are interested in.

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