Children’s playmates-the importance of toy choice

All children like to play with toys. Toys do play an important role in the growth of children. Toys are children’s growth partners, and many parents will choose toys that their children like as gifts. Through play, children can strengthen their own coordination, understand how their body works, shape their own personality, and understand their own limitations: hitting something too hard may hurt their hands and fall from higher places. Next, you will feel more pain, and so on. To prevent children from facing these restrictions means to prevent them from growing. Although toys can bring fun and cultivate interest in learning, not all toys are safe. Common injuries caused by toys are mainly mechanical and physical damage, noise damage, potential chemical damage and harmful bacteria damage. Therefore, no matter there are popular toys or classic toys, choosing safe toys can ensure the healthy growth of children.

Risky toys

-Painted wooden toys

Unqualified paint toys may contain lead, which is one of the environmental toxins that affect the development of the central nervous system. The absorption rate of lead in the stomach and intestines of children is about 5 times higher than that of adults. It should be known that many toys on the market today use spray paint. If the lead content in the spray paint exceeds 2500mg/kg, the use of this kind of toy will cause great harm to the baby’s growth and development.

-Metal toy

Some toys made of thin iron sheets, alloys and other materials may have sharp edges. Children may be cut when using such toys. Unqualified metal materials contain active metals such as arsenic and cadmium. If some children have the habit of licking and biting toys, long-term contact with metal toys may pose a threat to the baby’s health.

-Noise toy

Toys with loud noises such as remote-controlled airplanes, toy phones, submachine guns, and tank cars can pose a greater hearing hazard to infants and young children. If the baby is stimulated by noise for a long time, symptoms such as agitation, lack of tolerance, lack of sleep and inattention will easily appear, which will affect the baby’s healthy development.

How to choose safe toys?

1-Be sure to read the label instructions-the instructions can inform and ensure that consumers buy toys that can be used by children of school age.

Make sure children understand how to use toys safely and correctly before playing with toys.

Many small toys may pose a choking hazard. If the child is younger than the age stated on the toy label, he should not play with this toy.

2 — Be sure to discard all used bags, balloons or toy packaging, as this may pose a choking hazard to young children.

3 — Do not buy toys that are too loud. This will help your sanity and protect your child’s more sensitive ears.

4 — Do not buy toys with jagged points, sharp edges or any corners that may pierce the skin for children.

5 — Watch out for cords or cables that may shake and cause suffocation.

6 — Electric toys may generate too much heat. Please ensure that children are careful when using any toys that are plugged into the socket.

7 — When using any ejection toys (such as plastic foam dart guns), the children’s eyes and body should be properly protected.

As the pillars of the future society, children should pay attention to ensuring their physical and mental health and a safe playing environment. Master the above-mentioned correct method of buying toys, and start to accompany your children to grow together!