Children’s educational toys

The so-called educational toys, whether they are children or adults, are, as the name implies, toys that develop intelligence and increase wisdom in the process of playing.

According to a study by the Royal Academy of Sciences, people who often play with educational toys have an average IQ that is 11 points higher than those who don’t. The brain has high open thinking ability; American medical experts have also found that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in people who started playing with educational toys for adults before the age of 50 is only 32% of the general population, while the incidence of people who have played with educational toys since childhood is less than that of ordinary people. The population incidence rate is 1%.

In fact, in addition to developing intelligence, educational toys also have functions. For example, to stimulate functional development, educational toys with brightly designed colors and attractive lines can stimulate children’s vision; and the “rings” that sound as soon as they are held, the “small pianos” that make various animal sounds when they are pressed, etc. can stimulate children The sense of hearing; the rolling colored balls can develop the sense of touch in children. Therefore, different educational toys are effective tools to assist children in understanding the world, helping them to cooperate with various sensory reactions on their bodies to contact and recognize all novel things.

In addition, educational toys also have the function of coordinating body functions. For example, when a child builds a box of building blocks into a figure, in addition to using his brain, he must also have the cooperation of his hands. In this way, through playing with educational toys, he trains and gradually builds his hands and feet. Coordination, hand-eye coordination and other physical functions. It has the function of practicing social activities. In the process of playing educational toys with peers or parents, children unknowingly develop social relationships. Even if they are prone to stubbornness and quarrel in cooperation or competition, they are actually developing a spirit of cooperation and learning The psychology of sharing with others lays the foundation for future integration into society. At the same time, language skills, emotional release, and hands-on skills have all been improved.

Star Wars Lego is the most typical educational toy. We provide you with a variety of different toys, which you can buy according to your child’s age. I believe that with the help of educational toys, your children will be better inspired by toys.