Childhood “friends”

The meaning of toys:

Toys can not only satisfy children’s naughty nature, but also an important tool to cultivate children’s good intelligence and healthy psychology. Giving children good toys can not only bring them a happy childhood, but also effectively exercise the children’s hand-brain coordination development and intellectual development. In the process of growing up, toys accompany us to grow, just like friends. Toys are children’s favorites. Generally speaking, different toys have different educational effects. Most boys like to own various weapons and toy cars, while girls prefer plush toys and cartoon characters.

Do you remember the cartoons you watched when you were a kid? Which cartoon character do you like best?

Do you know Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse is an iconic Disney character with a big round head and big round ears. The body is as smooth as a pear and as smooth as a rubber hose. There are no visible joints and limbs. They stretch freely as if they have no bones. His legs are tubes, and we stuffed them into big shoes to make him look like a child wearing his father’s shoes. His optimistic, active and whimsical personality is welcomed by audiences all over the world. He is always whistling, jumping and energetic. Occasionally a bit playful. But he is very smart.

The Disney Company celebrated the birth of Mickey on November 18, 1928, after the premiere of the first cartoon short film “Willy Steamboat” and the third appearance of the mouse. From 1928 to 1947, Walt Disney dubbed the role for 17 years, when he was replaced by sound engineer Jimmy MacDonald. Since 1977, the voice has been Wayne Allwine, until 2009 played by Bret Iwan. Over the years, Mickey has appeared in cartoons, movies, comic strips, and video games, and has become an idol of the Walt Disney Company, which has the same name as its creator.

Friends of Mickey:

Mickey has a perfect companion Minnie Mouse. The two of them were born at the same time and have always been a pair. He also has two good friends, Donald Duck and Goofy. Although they failed more together than they succeeded, and there were a lot of small fights between the three, their friendship was not affected in any way. He also has a faithful yellow dog named Brutus, his best friend.

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