These toys make kids put down their phones.

These toys make kids put down their phones.imagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

With the development of technology, the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful. Among them, the various game software also makes it difficult to look away. Today’s children are also exposed to various electronic products early. Playing with mobile phones is even more reluctant to study, which can make many parents worry.

Many parents have a similar situation. They know that their children are not good at playing mobile phones all the time, but the children do not listen to discipline and can only finally compromise. Sometimes children keep playing with their phones because they don’t have other suitable toys, so they use various apps on the phone to relieve their boredom. In the process of children’s growth, choosing appropriate toys to accompany them can not only divert the children’s attention from the mobile phone, but also develop their intelligence. It is recommended that you buy the following five toys for your children, so that children can become smarter and smarter while playing.

1. Puzzles

Children of all ages can find their own fun in puzzles. Puzzles can also make children understand the country and the world. It can also establish a correct world view for children and let them have a broader perspective. Parents can choose the size, color and outline of the puzzle according to the age of the child to choose a puzzle that is suitable for the difficulty of the child’s game.

2. Blocks

It is very important for children to develop their imagination as they grow up. Parents can buy blocks for their kids to play with. This can not only cultivate children’s imagination, but also exercise children’s spatial thinking ability. When children are young, building blocks can also be used to create a variety of combinations and playing methods.

3. Origami

Many children like to tear paper when they are young, and the books and magazines at home are often spared. Instead of getting angry and scolding their children, parents might as well buy some origami for their children to satisfy their desire to tear it up. Origami can not only exercise children’s finger coordination, but also cultivate children’s hands-on ability. At the same time, origami allows children to use their imagination and creativity to fold their favorite patterns.

4. Rubik’s Cube

Parents can interact with their children through the Rubik’s Cube. At the same time, it can also exercise children’s thinking ability. After the busy work, parents can feel the harmonious family atmosphere with their children.

5. Dominoes

Dominoes can cultivate children’s creativity, emotional control, thinking ability, logical ability and so on. A lot of people think it looks cool when the dominoes are toppled, and kids are no exception. The more piles and the more complex the shape, the more able to satisfy the children’s competitive spirit when they are pushed down. Because once the clone may accidentally touch the card, this can also exercise the child’s concentration.

If kids can’t get their phones down, they may miss out on a lot of fun and exciting things outside. Toys can both attract them and make them think. At the same time, it allows them to stay away from their mobile phones and experience the beauty in life.

Children’s concept of toys is more pure

Children’s concept of toys is more pureimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Many parents choose toys for their children with a certain purpose. But in fact, children should also be given some toys that are purely for play.

Parents and children have different attitudes and concepts towards toys.

When parents and children choose toys, the purchasing purposes of both parties are very different. Parents usually like to buy educational toys for their children. They feel that this kind of toy can cultivate children’s hands-on ability and problem-solving ability. And subtly cultivate children’s imagination and creativity, even improve intelligence, improve artistic accomplishment. Therefore, even if the very popular educational toys are expensive, parents are not reluctant to buy them for their children. And those more common small toys such as toy guns, parents will find it useless. But what do the kids think?

The purpose of children playing with toys is to have fun. Between a bunch of little blocks that take half a day to put together and a toy gun that fires a bullet with a click, they might want a toy gun more. The educational toys that parents choose are from the perspective of utilitarian development and from the perspective of adult toys. But this judgment of adults is based on the existing intelligence and hands-on ability. For children, in the face of a large pile of blocks and small parts, if there is no guidance, in fact, the child cannot concentrate on playing. The end result may be to pick up a bunch of them and throw them away. Educational toys are of course the crystallization of human wisdom, and they are also a very good way to combine play and cultivation. However, only educational toys are provided without guiding and accompanying children to play together, and these toys will eventually become idle learning tools.

What kind of toys do 3-6 year olds prefer?

In addition to educational toys to play with parents at home, toys with cool external display functions and social functions are definitely their favorites. Although children like Lego very much, it is not convenient to take them when they go out. And especially when boys get together, the building blocks lose some charm. He might prefer two toy cars that transform into various animal shapes with a single collision. Such toys are easier to attract children’s attention when they are taken out, and they can also be played interactively with friends.

Many parents don’t like this type of toy at all. They feel that this one-button transformation type or one-button launch type toy has almost no technical content. But in fact, this kind of fast-food toys usually started from the spread of TV advertisements on children’s channels, became a popular trend, and gradually evolved into a kind of social capital among children’s groups.

Possessing a popular toy is likely to determine whether there is a common topic of discussion between the child and other children. It may even affect whether children can join group games after school. The children who know the most about a certain popular toy or have the most can often become the opinion leaders in this regard, and are very popular in small groups.

There is nothing wrong with the concept of toys for adults, but it is a bit ahead of the children. Educational toys can be prepared for children, but please play with them. Otherwise, educational toys will be defeated by new toys emerging from all walks of life. Although ingenious toys seem useless, you should also prepare a few for children.

Sensory toys help children understand the world.

Sensory toys help children understand the world.imagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Sensory toys can immediately improve a baby’s perception, increase his or her perception range, and lay a solid intellectual foundation. Bells, rattles, xylophones, puzzles, building blocks, plasticine, clay, and other sensory toys are available.

Sensory toys are composed of high-quality materials that are non-toxic, odorless, and extremely safe for children. Sensory toys have many advantages for babies. For example, it can teach newborns to use their senses to interact with the world. And sensory toys can stimulate the baby’s vision, hearing and touch. Thereby helping the baby coordinate the responses of various senses of the body to contact and distinguish unfamiliar things from the outside world.The ideal gift for your newborn is sensory toys.

  • What is sensory training?

From birth, the human brain develops through regular contact with the outside world. The eyes, hearing, nose, tongue, skin, and other sensory organs are used to communicate with the outside world. Early learning and a variety of external inputs can help brain cells develop complicated capabilities. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are the six senses that allow the body to explore outward. They govern how well the brain, neurological system, and numerous senses of early children interact and coordinate. The brain function differentiation and nervous system of young children grow gradually through sensory learning.As a result, early education focused at boosting children’s holistic and harmonious development must be built on sensory learning as the primary foundation for promoting their early learning and development. So, what senses can sensory toys train?

      1. Listening training:

It is vital to provide a sound environment for the baby: routine family activities such as walking, closing the door, water, scrubbing, sweeping, talking, and so on will make varied sounds, and there may also be noise outside. There are car sounds, human voices, and a variety of other sounds. These sounds can help to activate a baby’s hearing and aid in its growth. It is feasible to artificially generate a sound world for neonates in addition to the sounds that exist naturally. Purchase sound-producing toys for babies, such as rattles, music boxes, and croaking duck toys. You can play music for the infant, and the rhythmic and lovely music can help the baby feel secure.

      2. Visual training:

The ability to see is one feature of human vision, in which external brightness, contrast, shape, color, and other information are reflected to the fundus to generate an object image, which is analogous to the role of color photography. The second skill is the ability to watch, which is a higher level of mental activity that involves observing items with the mind, recording them in the mind, and analyzing and comparing them to previous experience. The baby’s vision develops with time, and brightly colored sensory objects can aid in this process.

Children’s Toys | Common Toy Materials

Children’s Toys | Common Toy Materialsimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

The toys suitable for babies of different ages are also different. Toys are generally divided by material, but also by age. So do you know what the material of children’s toys is? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, let’s take you to know the materials of children’s toys today! We know that the main material of plastic toys is plastic, but what materials are these plastics? Not sure, but know that the prices and uses of toys of different materials are different.

      1. ABS material

ABS plastic is one of the five major synthetic resins. Its impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties. ABS plastic also has the characteristics of easy processing, stable product size and good surface gloss. And ABS plastic is easy to paint and color. Therefore, secondary processing such as surface metallization, electroplating, welding, hot pressing and bonding can also be performed. ABS plastics are widely used in industrial fields such as machinery, automobiles, electronic appliances and construction. ABS plastic is an extremely versatile engineering thermoplastic. The raw material price of ABS will also be higher than other raw materials. Most of the toys for babies under 3 years old are made of ABS.

      2. PP material

Polypropylene, or PP for short, is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It has high impact resistance, strong and tough mechanical properties, and is resistant to various organic solvents and acid and alkali corrosion. It has a wide range of applications in the industry and is one of the common polymer materials. Many food-grade packaging uses PP materials. Therefore, most of baby’s toys are made of PP material.

      3. PS material

PS plastics, that is, polystyrene plastics, refer to a class of plastics that include styrene groups in the macromolecular chain. Polystyrene has good fluidity and good processability. Moreover, it is easy to color and has good dimensional stability, so it is especially suitable for injection molding.

      4. HIPS material

HIPS plastic is actually a benzene material, which is our common transparent plastic. It is mostly used for plastics in toys, such as car windows, transparent car shells, etc. Most of these materials are also environmentally friendly original packaging materials.

      5. PVC material

Most of the PVC material is used for doll making. PVC material is a bit soft and has good elasticity, and is generally used for dolls. So whether it is Barbie, dolls, or bathing ducks, the material is PVC. Because the risk of excessive phthalic acid content in PVC is somewhat large, there is a distinction between environmental protection and ordinary. But at present, the materials of these vinyl dolls are getting better and better. If mothers are worried, these things are not recommended to be boiled frequently.

      6. TPR material

Heat-shrinkable elastomer plastic, but not silicone. The most commonly used are the wheel skin of the wheel, the soft bullet of the needle gun and so on. The advantage of TPR is temperature resistance.

Childhood “friends”

The meaning of toys:

Toys can not only satisfy children’s naughty nature, but also an important tool to cultivate children’s good intelligence and healthy psychology. Giving children good toys can not only bring them a happy childhood, but also effectively exercise the children’s hand-brain coordination development and intellectual development. In the process of growing up, toys accompany us to grow, just like friends. Toys are children’s favorites. Generally speaking, different toys have different educational effects. Most boys like to own various weapons and toy cars, while girls prefer plush toys and cartoon characters.

Do you remember the cartoons you watched when you were a kid? Which cartoon character do you like best?

Do you know Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse is an iconic Disney character with a big round head and big round ears. The body is as smooth as a pear and as smooth as a rubber hose. There are no visible joints and limbs. They stretch freely as if they have no bones. His legs are tubes, and we stuffed them into big shoes to make him look like a child wearing his father’s shoes. His optimistic, active and whimsical personality is welcomed by audiences all over the world. He is always whistling, jumping and energetic. Occasionally a bit playful. But he is very smart.

The Disney Company celebrated the birth of Mickey on November 18, 1928, after the premiere of the first cartoon short film “Willy Steamboat” and the third appearance of the mouse. From 1928 to 1947, Walt Disney dubbed the role for 17 years, when he was replaced by sound engineer Jimmy MacDonald. Since 1977, the voice has been Wayne Allwine, until 2009 played by Bret Iwan. Over the years, Mickey has appeared in cartoons, movies, comic strips, and video games, and has become an idol of the Walt Disney Company, which has the same name as its creator.

Friends of Mickey:

Mickey has a perfect companion Minnie Mouse. The two of them were born at the same time and have always been a pair. He also has two good friends, Donald Duck and Goofy. Although they failed more together than they succeeded, and there were a lot of small fights between the three, their friendship was not affected in any way. He also has a faithful yellow dog named Brutus, his best friend.

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Play dominoes with your child to expand their wisdom and math knowledge

Dominos is a family of tile-based games played with game pieces commonly known as dominos. Each domino is a rectangular tile with a line dividing its face into two square ends. Each end is marked with a series of dots (also called pips or dots) or is blank. The backs of the tiles in a set are indistinguishable, either empty or of a common design. The tokens form a domino set, sometimes referred to as a deck or pack. The traditional European domino set is made up of 28 tiles, also known as pieces, bones, rocks, stones, men, cards, or just dominoes, all of which have combinations of scores between zero and six. A domino set is a generic gaming device, similar to playing cards or dice, in which a variety of games can be played with one set.

The earliest mention of dominoes comes from the Chinese Song Dynasty, which can be found in the text Former Events in Wulin by Zhou Mi (1232-1298). Modern dominoes first appeared in Italy in the 18th century, but they differ from Chinese dominoes in many ways, and there is no confirmed link between the two. European dominoes may have evolved independently, or Italian missionaries in China may have brought the game to Europe.

European-style dominoes are traditionally made from bone, silver-lipped ocean pearl oyster shells (mother-of-pearl), ivory, or dark hardwood such as ebony with contrasting black or white cores (inlaid or painted). Some sets have the thickness of the top half made of MOP, ivory, or bone while the bottom half is made of ebony. Alternatively, domino sets have been made from many different natural materials: stone (e.g. marble, granite, or soapstone); other woods (e.g., ash, oak, redwood, and cedar); Metals (e.g. brass or tin); Ceramic clay or even frosted glass or crystal. These sets have a newer look and the often higher weight makes them feel more substantial; in addition, such materials and the products resulting therefrom are usually much more expensive than polymeric materials.

Modern commercial dominoes sets are usually made of synthetic materials like ABS or polystyrene plastics or Bakelite and other phenolic resins; Many sets resemble the look and feel of ivory, while others use colored or even translucent plastics for a more contemporary look. Modern sets also often use a different color for the points of each different end value to make it easier to find matching endings. Occasionally you will find a domino set made from a supply of cards, such as the one for playing cards. Such sets are lightweight, compact, and inexpensive, and similar cards are more prone to minor disturbances such as a sudden breeze.

Why are dominoes good for kids?

Not only is dominoes fun and easy to learn, it also has many educational benefits for children. Because through this game you can familiarize your child with the numbers and their use. Especially for children who are still having trouble adding numbers or even imagining numbers, dominoes are a great way to take away their fear of math.

It is recommended that dominoes be used from the age of four to five. Make sure the children who play together have similar math skills so your child doesn’t feel deprived.

In addition to the classic domino placement, the following fun methods can also be used.

If you have several dominoes, you can build a tower together.

You can also play Jenga with dominoes – a steady hand wins! This way children can be encouraged and develop patience.

You can also hold small dominoes competitions on children’s birthday parties. The children have to collect points by blowing small balls through a maze of dominoes with a straw.

How does the classic domino game work?

The traditional “Domino Double-6” consists of 28 stones. These have a rectangular shape and are each divided into two fields. Both fields show a certain number of eyes or points in all possible combinations, from 0 to 6. With other variants, up to 18 eyes are possible.

According to the rules of the game, the aim is to always place stones of the same color with the same number at the open end of a row of stones. If you don’t have a matching stone, you have to take one from the reserve. The aim is to play all the stones from your own hand. You can place stones in all three directions as long as the matching eyes are next to each other. If the stones in both fields have the same number, they must not be placed “around the corner”.

The domino game ends when one player has played all of the stones. However, it is also possible that neither player can place a stone or that all stones have been removed from the reserved area. The first player to collect 100 points wins the game. The number of points determines the number of points. It is therefore worthwhile to use the highest possible number. One of the players should write down the points.

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Kids Toys Ideas

I believe that many parents don’t know how to choose meaningful toys for their children, and they are worried that children don’t like what they buy.

Toys are extremely important. Play is the work of childhood and toys are the tools for play. You don’t need to own every toy on the market to have a child who will play well independently… but you do need to own the right toys to help make that happen.

If you want a child who plays independently, open-ended toys are the toys for you. Kids need open-ended toys to imagine with, create with, and grow with. These toys help children learn the valuable social and life skills that will carry them through adulthood – skills like communication, problem solving, and empathy.

Dinosaur toys
Having a set of play dinosaurs might seem random from the outside but once you see all the play kids can do with just a few dinosaurs – you’ll understand why dinos are a good one to own.

Doll houses
You may believe that doll houses are little girl toys. In fact, doll houses are gender neutral. A doll house is home for imaginary play – a place to rescue animals from, to save from a fire, to intricate building skills and to make imaginary set ups. It is a house for kids to practice home based social stories in.

Dramatic play
Another good choice is dramatic play, such as doctor’s kit. Empathy skills are a big learning goal in early childhood, and practicing caregiver skills is one way kids grow empathy in play. A simple doctor’s kit (this one comes with a case for easy storage) is a staple. Another chance for dramatic play: costumes!!!! For example: baby shark costume, dinosaur costume, This is a fun collection to grow… grow this slowly and over time.

Remember, we don’t need to own every toy for our kids but the right toys make all the difference. Let’s get those kids back to playing (and ditch the toys that play for them…).

Tips for Designing Kids’ Rooms

1.Design a colorful and kawaii space

To create a room your little one will love, try focusing on the thing they most. You may choose their favorite cartoon characters for decoration, minnie mouse toys, coraline dolls ,pokemon toys are all good choices.

2.Keep little hands and minds busy

If you have the space, a kid-friendly work area is a must. Providing your child with a place to color and create will not only keep them busy but may also help with their physical and mental development. When your child is older, a personal workspace can come in handy, offering a quiet place to study and do homework. Sketch books, storybooks, crayons can be placed on the desk, so as to make kids easy to learn and create.

3. Keep it simple and clean

When it comes to kids’ rooms, less is usually more. By keeping the décor simple and furnishings to a minimum, you’ll create more space to play and provide a neutral canvas that can be easily updated as your child grows.

Also, it should be clean and well-organised for the sake of children’s development. And here are some organization ideas.
-use colors to make storage part of decor
-clear toy storage bag for easy location
-moving cart for art supplies, homework stationery or building toys
-make a curtain rod shelf
-Create bedside pockets organizer
-organize kids closet with hanging organizers and plastic drawers

4.Make room for magic

Kids see the world differently than adults, infusing imagination and magic into the everyday. Give them some inexpensive fairy lights and a $5 pack of glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars, and they’ll give you a fairy palace and a galaxy of adventure. In a magic room carefully arranged by parents, kids will definitely grow imaginative and creative. So go ahead! Add a touch of something enchanting! You just might be surprised with what you get in return.

Attractive magical world

Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British writer J.K. Rowling. These novels record the process of the protagonist Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley from entering Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to defeating Voldemort. Voldemort is a dark wizard. He uses the dark magic that possesses other people to create Horcruxes and practical bans. His goal is to live forever and overthrow the wizarding administration known as the Ministry of Magic, and conquer all wizards and Muggles (non-magical person). Correspondingly, Harry Potter, the protagonist who defeated the villain, is a wizard with inherent magical abilities. When he was 11 years old, he received a notice from Owl and went to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this school, Harry spent his adolescence and harvested beautiful friendship and love.

The Harry Potter series of novels involve a large number of “magic” elements, which are wrapped by a strong English country culture. The literary works created by combining folklore and ancient mythology, incantation and flying broomsticks, unicorns and Philosopher’s Stones are a mixture of fantasy and realism. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin… The fantasy life in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Harry’s legendary adventures have attracted many readers. In addition to the interesting magical elements, the book also involves many moral tortures. As the confrontation between the righteous and evil sides intensifies, the characters in the book are faced with major choices, and these choices also reflect real-life racial issues.

Since the first release, Harry Potter has achieved great success worldwide. Especially after the novel was adapted into a film series of the same name by Warner Bros. Pictures, Harry Potter’s popularity has risen to a higher level. The Harry Potter movies rank third in the box office of all movies in the world, with fans of all ages. As the three leading actors of the movie series, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson have been receiving the attention of many fans. Universal Studios has launched the Harry Potter theme park, which receives tens of thousands of visitors every day. In the creative peripheral series, not only the wizard’s cloak was sold, but also the magic wand, products with the emblem and even Harry’s glasses were on the sales list.

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Jellycat, a company dedicated to making toys that make children happy

For many parents, it is very difficult for their children to fall asleep peacefully, especially for novice parents who have to read various fairy tales every night to put their children to sleep. Apart from the stories of Snow White, My Little Pony, and Donald Duck, is there a simpler way to do it without much effort? Now they have a perfect choice: buy a Jellycat doll! Jellycat’s soft and cute dolls will accompany the children every night.

Jellycat was born in 1999 in London, England. It is a company specializing in the production of extra-soft plush toys. Every January and July, this company will launch new and original plush toys. Some of their designs are cute, such as bunny, and some are weird, such as eggplant, but they have a common feature that these dolls are very soft to the touch. The doll is filled with extra-soft cotton, and it can rebound quickly when it sags when pinched. Irresistible exquisite gifts for children sometimes make them laugh, and they are unique gifts for children!

The name Jellycat was dreamed of by a child who liked jelly and cats, and giggled at the thought of the two being together. The name reflects the company’s medal: a company dedicated to making children happy. Jellycat cooperates with designers in London and around the world to launch personalized toys that stand out among the various dolls, leading the doll market with its unique imagination and luxurious fabrics.

Of course, Jellycat’s dolls are not only suitable for children, it is suitable for people of all ages. They are also great gifts for many young and adult women. The cute appearance can quickly capture the hearts of women. On Valentine’s Day, put a chubby bunny next to your rose bouquet! Women will be pleasantly surprised.

The price of this little rabbit is not high. It can not only be placed on the bed as a companion before going to bed, but also can be placed on the balcony, on the sofa in the living room, on the sofa bed, and together with the pillow as one of the decorations in the home. At the end of a busy day, the moment you go home and see it, you can relax yourself.

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