Why Kids Love PAW Patrol Toys

Each generation has the stamp of its own era. I still remember many cartoons I watched as a child. In recent years, the animation market has boomed. In recent years, the most popular cartoon for children is PAW Patrol. Many kids discuss PAW Patrol with their friends. And PAW Patrol toys have also become the most popular children’s toys. Today, let’s discuss why PAW Patrol is so popular. First let’s get to know PAW Patrol.

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Introduction of PAW Patrol

PAW Patrol is an action-adventure cartoon series launched by Nickelodeon. The film tells the story of a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy named Ryder who, after rescuing six puppies, trains them into a team of highly skilled paw patrols. Each puppy has a distinct personality and its own specialties. PAW Patrol ranks first in the ratings of American preschool cartoons, and is known and loved by more and more children. The PAW Patrol toys are also very popular. So do you know why PAW Patrol is so popular?

The story of PAW Patrol is easy to understand,

PAW Patrol tells the story of the Patrol Team’s rescue on the beach. The storyline is fun and interesting. And each of the characters in it has distinct characteristics. Every dog is different in appearance and skills. In each rescue mission, they all played their respective strengths and contributed to the team. No matter what abilities dogs have, they are not afraid of being useless. This kind of plot setting always reminds children to bravely pursue their own hearts.

PAW Patrol toys are a favorite gift for kids

With the popularity of PAW Patrol, its character toys also became popular. Many kids have a favorite character, such as smart Ryder, warm Marshall, or kind Rubble. And the toys of these characters are also a favorite of children. PAW Patrol toys have become one of the most wanted gifts for children during the holidays. For children, these toys are their special friend. If you’ve been thinking of gifting your kids lately, consider the PAW Patrol toy. Children will be very happy with the cute PAW Patrol toys.

The benefits of sensory toys for babies

Toys are tools for children to explore the world. Toys play an important role in a child’s growth. Sensory toys can quickly enhance the baby’s perception, expand the baby’s perception range, and provide a solid foundation for intellectual development. On behalf of sensory toys, there are bells, rattles, xylophones, cloth books, boxes, puzzles, building blocks, plasticine, clay and so on.

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What is sensory training?

The human brain develops from constant contact with the external environment from birth. The human contact with the external environment is through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and other sensory organs. Early learning and rich environmental stimuli can promote the formation of complex functions of brain cells. The six senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch balance are the doors for the body to explore outward. They determine the degree of interaction and coordination of the brain, nervous system and various senses of young children. It is in these sensory learning that the brain function differentiation and nervous system of young children develop gradually. Therefore, the early education aimed at promoting the comprehensive and harmonious development of children must be based on the promotion of children’s sensory learning as the fundamental basis for promoting their early learning and development.

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What senses can sensory toys train?

1.Listening training

It is necessary to give the baby a sound environment: the normal activities of the family will produce various sounds, such as walking, closing the door, water, scrubbing, sweeping, talking, etc., and there can also be noisy outdoors. Car sounds, human voices and many other sounds. These sounds can stimulate the baby’s hearing and promote the development of hearing. In addition to the sounds that exist naturally, it is also possible to artificially create a sound world for babies. For example, buy some toys for babies with sounds, such as rattles, music boxes, and croaking duck toys. You can let the baby listen to music, and the rhythmic and beautiful music will give the baby a sense of security.

2.Visual training

Human vision includes two aspects: one is the ability to see, that is, the external brightness, contrast, shape, color and many other information are reflected to the fundus to form an object image, which is equivalent to the role of color photography. The second is to be able to watch, which belongs to a higher level of mental activity, that is, to observe objects with the mind, record them in the mind, and use them to analyze and compare with previous experience. The baby’s vision is gradually mature, and brightly colored sensory toys can help the baby’s vision development.

Toys that effectively develop children’s intelligence

Every child has a variety of toys. Toys are very important to children’s development. Because toys can promote children’s brain development. Therefore, many parents will let their children play with toys that can develop children’s intelligence. What are the specific benefits of these toys that develop children’s intelligence for children?

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1. Stimulate the senses

Toys that develop children’s intelligence are a window to the world for babies. Educational toys, like all toys, encourage children to use their senses to engage with the world. For example, toys that develop children’s intelligence can stimulate functional development. Educational toys with bright colors and attractive lines can stimulate children’s vision. Toys that make a sound when you hold them, toys that emit various animal sounds when you press the button, etc. can stimulate children’s hearing. Rolling colored balls can cultivate children’s sense of touch. Different toys that develop children’s intelligence are all effective tools to help children understand the world.

2. Language training

When the child is playing, he will recite words to the toy from time to time, and “talk” to the toy. Don’t underestimate this mode of communication, it gives children the opportunity to use language to express their meaning. At this time, if you, as a parent, can participate in it, it will not only cause the children to talk more. It can also guide his diction and expression skills, and strengthen his ability to master the use of language.

Toys that effectively develop children’s intelligenceimages1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

3. Develop intelligence

Educational toys are toys that allow us to develop intelligence and increase wisdom in the process of playing. According to a study by the Royal Academy of Sciences of the United Kingdom, people who often play with educational toys have an average IQ of about 11 points higher than those who do not play. Their brains have higher open-thinking abilities. American medical experts also found that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease among people who started playing adult educational toys before the age of 50 was only 32% of the general population. The incidence of people who have played educational toys since childhood is less than 1% of the incidence of the general population.

4. To express emotions

Have you ever noticed that when your child is frustrated or angry, he throws a toy. This is the child’s expression of dissatisfaction. In the real world, children can’t just vent their emotions to others, so toys become substitutes. Like adults, children need channels to vent their emotions. Otherwise, depression will form mental illness, which will affect the child’s health.

Best Educational Toys That Can Make Kids Smart

As parents, you always want to give your children everything they want. Children love toys, and parents feel that children’s toys can bring them happiness and promote their IQ development. In the end, it was discovered that the toys at home were piled up in mountains. And the novelty of the child is no longer on the toy. Conversely, too many toys can distract the child’s attention. Choosing the right toys can make your child smarter. So what educational toys are helpful for children’s growth? Check out our list of educational toys that will make your child smarter below!

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1. Picture card toys

When parents choose educational toys for their children, they must choose according to the child’s physical development stage. Everyone should have seen a picture card type of toy. These toys come in a variety of patterns with sharp outlines and contrasting colors. So it can give children some visual impact. Thereby, it is good for children’s vision development and brain development. When the children are a little older, you can let them know the colors and patterns on the picture cards.

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2. Rocking toys

Many people don’t think of Rocking toys as educational toys. But in fact, rocking toys are also good for children’s growth and development. Many children like to play with rocking cars. Children are especially happy when shaken. Shake toys can not only bring happiness to children. It can also improve the child’s sense of balance and enhance the child’s ability to control the body.

3. Role-playing toys

Children have a natural imitation from an early age. Many children imitate the daily activities of adults. For example, imitating mothers wearing high heels, doctors seeing a doctor… Children in this period like to play various roles in life very much. Therefore, parents can prepare mini medicine box educational toys for their children. Parents can pretend to be patients and accompany their children to play together. Role-playing games can promote the expression of children’s language. It also improves basic social skills.

4. Origami toys

Origami toys are very classic educational toys. Pieces of origami have been ingeniously designed, as if they were enchanted and brought to life. For example, a little monkey that can do somersaults, a big bad wolf that can eat… origami toys are very interesting and will make children love it! Many origami toys hide very ingenious mechanisms. And the process of origami also contains a lot of classical mathematics and physics knowledge. In the process of hands-on operation, children will learn a lot of small knowledge.

Potential Hazards of 5 Common Toys

The quality and safety of children’s toys has always been the focus of parents’ attention. What precautions should be taken when buying toys? How to choose the most effective? As the baby continues to grow, the toys are constantly updated. Today, we have sorted out the potential hazards of various toys for you. Hope to provide some help to parents. Avoid the harm that toys bring to children!

What should you pay attention to when choosing toys?

Parents must pay attention to the safety of materials when choosing toys. And in terms of the structure of the toy, care should be taken to avoid small accessories and sharp edges that are easy to fall off. In addition, it should also be noted that the shape of the toy should be rounded and less bumpy. Such toys are easy to clean and can effectively avoid hiding dirt.

Do you know the potential hazards of these toys?

Potential Hazards of 5 Common Toysimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

1. Electric toys

The battery on some electric toys may leak due to long-term non-use. The fluid that comes out is corrosive and may harm your child’s skin. These toys are more suitable for older children to play, and small babies should play under adult supervision.

2. Musical toys

Parents should pay attention to the decibels of the music they play when choosing musical toys. You should choose musical toys that are low in decibels, soothing, and not noisy. Otherwise, it is easy to affect the child’s hearing and emotions.

3. Plush toys

Some plush toys have threads, ropes, laces, nets, chains, etc., which may entangle the child’s hands and feet, or trip the child. Parents should be aware of shedding hair on soft toys. Avoid accidental inhalation by your baby. Because it is inhaled into the lungs of the baby, it is likely to cause suffocation.

Potential Hazards of 5 Common Toysimages1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

4. Balloon toys

Balloons have many hidden dangers. The first is that balloon explosions can easily cause harm to children. In particular, hydrogen balloons can easily cause violent combustion if they encounter flames.

5. Ejection toys

General ejection toys have relatively large attack power. Such as various toy pistols, water guns and so on. Children should be kept as far away from projectile toys as possible.

In addition, for small babies, be sure to be careful of small loose parts on the toy. For example, eyes, noses, buttons, etc. that are not glued on soft toys. Avoid danger of children swallowing parts. Also, don’t forget to clean toys in time, so that your child can grow up happily in a healthy environment.

4 Best Toys to Build your Baby’s Brain

Why are toys important to children? Because a large number of studies have shown that children’s IQ is not only affected by genetic factors, acquired external stimulation and targeted brain development also play an important role. The three optimal age groups for children’s intellectual development are 0-3 years old, 3-6 years old and 7-12 years old.

As a parent, we should seize these three golden periods to exercise our children. Children in two stages are most curious about play, so start with toys and let children be inspired by play! There are various styles of toys on the market. Which toys should you choose for your children?

1. Programming robot

Scientific research shows that learning to code is the best way to improve children’s thinking skills. However, the courses on the market are only for children over 6 years old. How to expose children to programming from an early age? Then you can give your child a programming robot toy for kids. Programming robot toys allows children to develop intelligence through the process of completing tasks by setting various tasks.

2. Building blocks

Building blocks have many benefits for children, such as exercising children’s hands-on ability and stimulating children’s imagination. Building blocks with simple shapes can be transformed into various shapes under the wonderful imagination of children. Large diameter blocks are not easy to swallow. And the edges of the building blocks are very smooth and do not grind hands, so there is no need to worry about safety issues. Building blocks with numbers on the surface can also make children sensitive to numbers in the process of playing.

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3. Puzzles

Puzzles are suitable for a wide range of ages, from one to six years old. Brightly colored pictures are very attractive to young children. So even if the child can’t fight at first, they will be curious about it. And good puzzles can cultivate children’s cognitive ability, reaction ability, concentration and logical thinking ability. Compared with other toys, puzzles can make children more fun, more fulfilling, and more willing to invest time.

4. Lego

As we konw, Lego toy is a very classic toy. And Lego toy sets are also a go-to choice when it comes to gifts for kids. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, Lego toy is always a special favorite. The material of Lego bricks is safe, so if you take a bite occasionally, you don’t have to worry about affecting your child’s health. And children’s Lego sets are relatively simple to assemble. So even very young children can start with the simplest model assembly. The colors of Lego toys are very bright, which is also very helpful for children’s color enlightenment and improvement of concentration.

How To Choose The Right Car Toys For Kids?

Toys are a special presence for children. They are like children’s friends. Children have all kinds of toys in their childhood. And parents usually give their children many toys as gifts. Because the right toy can stimulate a child’s nature. Among them, the toy car is an indispensable toy for children in childhood. Because toy cars have many benefits for children. However, there are many types of toy cars on the market. How to choose a toy car suitable for children? In fact, when buying a toy car, pay attention to the following points!

How To Choose The Right Car Toys For Kids?imagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

1. Pay attention to the material of the toy car

The material of the toy car is usually plastic. And children are likely to put it in their mouths or chew on them when they are playing with the toy car. Therefore, when choosing a toy car, we must pay attention to the material of the toy car. Don’t choose toy cars made of harmful, low-quality materials.

2. Pay attention to the gadgets of the toy car

It is best not to choose a toy car with too many gadgets for a child. Because there’s a good chance your child will talk about those gadgets while you’re not looking. In order to prevent such a bad situation from happening, it is best for parents to choose an integrated toy car for their children, so as to ensure the safety of children when they play.

How To Choose The Right Car Toys For Kids?images1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

3. Observe the shape of the toy car

High-quality toy cars are very realistic in shape and very similar in shape to real cars. And poor quality toy cars are rougher in workmanship. We should prefer the former when choosing, because it affects the child’s perception of new things.

4. Observe the function of the toy car

There are many types of toy cars on the market according to their functions. For example, there are remote control toy cars, toy cars without drive systems, etc. You can choose a toy car that suits your child’s age. When choosing a toy car, the type of toy car should be in line with the age of the child. For example, when buying a toy car for a ten-year-old child, you can choose a remote-controlled toy car.

5. Pay attention to the speed of the drivable toy car

Some toy cars are so large that children can sit in them and drive. When choosing this kind of toy car, we should pay attention to its maximum speed to prevent children from having a safety accident because of the toy car. And when children are playing with this type of toy car, parents must stand by and watch. At the same time, do not let children play on the side of the road and in high-traffic places.

The benefits of children playing scooter

Children’s scooter is a tool for children to carry out walking, entertainment, outdoor activities and physical exercise. Compared with bicycles, children’s scooters are light and easy to carry. No dedicated site is required, and it can be used on roads, parks, forest trails or indoors. There are many benefits to children learning a scooter.

The benefits of children learning scooters

The benefits of children playing scooterimagesConstruction toys、Remote toy

1. Increase strength.

When children learn to scooters, they will use the muscles of the whole body. In the process of exercising, it can increase physical strength, blood flow and bone density, and strengthen leg muscles. It also promotes the development of the cerebellum and increases the oxygen content of the blood in the brain. Thereby promoting brain development and improving intelligence.

2. Exercise balance ability

Children who learn to scooters can learn to ride bicycles more quickly. And this exercise can make the shoulders, spine, legs, limbs, feet, wrists get a comprehensive exercise. Thereby enhancing the flexibility of the body and improving the high coordination of the body. The child has both feet on the ground and balances with both hands. The legs are used forward and backward, which can effectively train the child’s balance ability. It can also exercise the strength of the muscles and the flexibility of the joints. Children can achieve all-round physical development through this exercise of the whole body.

3. Develop social skills.

Children can have fun with balancing car movement. And can communicate with children who have common interests. Thereby expanding the social circle and strengthening interpersonal relationships. A scooter for kids is a group activity that promotes children’s social skills.

The benefits of children playing scooterimages1Construction toys、Remote toy

4. Learn traffic rules.

It is helpful for parents to guide their children to obey the traffic rules and improve their safety awareness.

5. Reduce child stress.

Children’s pressure comes from parents and schools. Such as various training classes, interest classes. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Parents ride with their children to promote parent-child relationship. Let’s have a race with your child to see who can run faster to the finish line.

6. Improve immunity

Exercise can maintain good physical and mental health and reduce the probability of illness. Children go out to play and breathe the fresh air of nature, which is conducive to enhancing their physical fitness.

Children’s scooter is a very suitable means of transportation for children. Moreover, the children’s scooter is not only safe, but also allows children to exercise all aspects of their bodies. The benefits of scooter for children are many. So if you don’t know what gift to give your child, a children’s scooter is a very good choice. Because the scooter is great as a gift for kids past the age of six, no kid can say no to this cool and fun gift.

The benefits of car toys for children

Children’s toy cars are generally given to boys, because boys like this type of toys. And car toys can cultivate children’s hobbies, so many parents will give them to their children as gifts. So what are the benefits of sending children’s toy cars?

Toys are a wonderful companion for every child in childhood, and can also play an important role in promoting children’s growth. Speaking of toys, toy cars can be said to be one of the very popular toys for children. Not only can it be driven, but some can also be disassembled and assembled. Although sometimes, the disassembly process will turn the toy car into a pile of plastics and parts, but this does not affect the development of children’s hands-on ability and creativity!

The benefits of car toys for childrenimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

1. Help children express their thoughts in words

Many times, parents may find a strange phenomenon, that is, the child is mumbling to the car toy. Some parents will not care, or prohibit it. In fact, don’t underestimate this kind of muttering, which is a form of communication that children use to express their thoughts.

2. Help children improve their sense of touch

Toys are a window to the world for babies and can encourage children to use their senses to touch the world. For example, stimulate their hearing, vision and touch to contact and recognize novel things in the outside world. Like the music played by the children’s electric car, the switches of the electric car, and the color and shape of the car body, these can directly stimulate the children’s hearing, vision and touch. And children’s electric car toys are undoubtedly an effective tool to help children understand the world.

The benefits of car toys for childrenimages1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

3. Improve children’s thinking ability and stimulate imagination

Some children’s toy cars require children to assemble by themselves. In this way, children can not only exercise their hands-on ability, but also need to use their brains to think and conceive. Children will encounter some difficulties when playing with toy cars, and these difficulties must be overcome by their own strength and insist on completing the task. Such a process can cultivate their good qualities of overcoming difficulties and striving for progress.

4. Help children develop a collective mindset and a spirit of cooperation

Some toy strollers can be played by several children together. When children play with toy cars together, they will implicitly learn life experiences. Practicing working with friends strengthens a child’s sense of group.

There are many benefits of toy cars for children. Therefore, many parents will send their children different toy cars. In addition to toy cars, many toys have a certain educational function. Children’s childhood needs toys to accompany their parents’ love. So toys are very important for children. But that doesn’t mean the more toys the better. Appropriate toys for children can play a better educational effect.

The educational effect of magnetic building blocks

In the process of playing with blocks, children can also learn a lot of math knowledge. It can also cultivate children’s sense of space, imagination, creativity and language skills. And recently a new type of building block has been loved by kids and parents alike. That’s magnetic building blocks.

Children over the age of 2 are rapidly developing spatial concepts, language, thinking and imagination. With improved hand-eye coordination, children can do slightly more complicated things. This period is very suitable for children to play with magnetic blocks. Because it can give children more space for creativity and expression.

The educational effect of magnetic building blocksimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

The benefits of magnetic blocks for kids.

Magnetic blocks are usually cubic plastic solid toys. Usually its surface is decorated with letters or pictures. Magnetic blocks help develop intelligence and train children’s hand-eye coordination. Because the arrangement, joint, ring, symmetry, etc. in the magnetic building blocks are all good for children’s intelligence. When building magnetic blocks, the child must involve issues such as proportions and symmetry. This is conducive to the early development of children’s mathematical concepts. Although magnetic building blocks are building blocks, they are different from ordinary building blocks. It is more creative than ordinary building blocks.

When stacking magnetic blocks, children need to use their hands dexterously. Therefore, it can promote the development of fine motor. Stacking scattered magnetic blocks into complex objects can also exercise hand-eye coordination. Objects such as houses built by children are actually common in life. They must first learn to observe, and then, in the process of playing, show the things observed in daily life with building blocks. Observation is cultivated unconsciously. And magnetic building blocks are usually smooth surface, high-quality materials, and safe and non-toxic, allowing children to play easily.

The educational effect of magnetic building blocksimages1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Magnetic blocks can inspire kids.

It’s better to let your child build magnetic blocks with other children, which is more fun than playing alone. And children build magnetic blocks together to inspire each other. So play more seriously. This is also good for developing children’s ability to get along with others. Make children more confident The process of building blocks can be completely controlled by the children themselves. This will give the child a sense of satisfaction and self-confidence. Children can learn a lot while playing with building blocks. And magnetic blocks come in different shapes, sizes, and lengths. Children can use it to distinguish geometric shapes.

However, there are many types of magnetic building blocks on the market, so you should pay more attention when choosing them. And if the child is too young, parents should accompany the child to play with magnetic blocks. To avoid the accident of the child swallowing the toy.