Why Kids Love PAW Patrol Toys

Each generation has the stamp of its own era. I still remember many cartoons I watched as a child. In recent years, the animation market has boomed. In recent years, the most popular cartoon for children is PAW Patrol. Many kids discuss PAW Patrol with their friends. And PAW Patrol toys have also become the most popular children’s toys. Today, let’s discuss why PAW Patrol is so popular. First let’s get to know PAW Patrol.

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Introduction of PAW Patrol

PAW Patrol is an action-adventure cartoon series launched by Nickelodeon. The film tells the story of a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy named Ryder who, after rescuing six puppies, trains them into a team of highly skilled paw patrols. Each puppy has a distinct personality and its own specialties. PAW Patrol ranks first in the ratings of American preschool cartoons, and is known and loved by more and more children. The PAW Patrol toys are also very popular. So do you know why PAW Patrol is so popular?

The story of PAW Patrol is easy to understand,

PAW Patrol tells the story of the Patrol Team’s rescue on the beach. The storyline is fun and interesting. And each of the characters in it has distinct characteristics. Every dog is different in appearance and skills. In each rescue mission, they all played their respective strengths and contributed to the team. No matter what abilities dogs have, they are not afraid of being useless. This kind of plot setting always reminds children to bravely pursue their own hearts.

PAW Patrol toys are a favorite gift for kids

With the popularity of PAW Patrol, its character toys also became popular. Many kids have a favorite character, such as smart Ryder, warm Marshall, or kind Rubble. And the toys of these characters are also a favorite of children. PAW Patrol toys have become one of the most wanted gifts for children during the holidays. For children, these toys are their special friend. If you’ve been thinking of gifting your kids lately, consider the PAW Patrol toy. Children will be very happy with the cute PAW Patrol toys.

The benefits of sensory toys for babies

Toys are tools for children to explore the world. Toys play an important role in a child’s growth. Sensory toys can quickly enhance the baby’s perception, expand the baby’s perception range, and provide a solid foundation for intellectual development. On behalf of sensory toys, there are bells, rattles, xylophones, cloth books, boxes, puzzles, building blocks, plasticine, clay and so on.

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What is sensory training?

The human brain develops from constant contact with the external environment from birth. The human contact with the external environment is through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and other sensory organs. Early learning and rich environmental stimuli can promote the formation of complex functions of brain cells. The six senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch balance are the doors for the body to explore outward. They determine the degree of interaction and coordination of the brain, nervous system and various senses of young children. It is in these sensory learning that the brain function differentiation and nervous system of young children develop gradually. Therefore, the early education aimed at promoting the comprehensive and harmonious development of children must be based on the promotion of children’s sensory learning as the fundamental basis for promoting their early learning and development.

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What senses can sensory toys train?

1.Listening training

It is necessary to give the baby a sound environment: the normal activities of the family will produce various sounds, such as walking, closing the door, water, scrubbing, sweeping, talking, etc., and there can also be noisy outdoors. Car sounds, human voices and many other sounds. These sounds can stimulate the baby’s hearing and promote the development of hearing. In addition to the sounds that exist naturally, it is also possible to artificially create a sound world for babies. For example, buy some toys for babies with sounds, such as rattles, music boxes, and croaking duck toys. You can let the baby listen to music, and the rhythmic and beautiful music will give the baby a sense of security.

2.Visual training

Human vision includes two aspects: one is the ability to see, that is, the external brightness, contrast, shape, color and many other information are reflected to the fundus to form an object image, which is equivalent to the role of color photography. The second is to be able to watch, which belongs to a higher level of mental activity, that is, to observe objects with the mind, record them in the mind, and use them to analyze and compare with previous experience. The baby’s vision is gradually mature, and brightly colored sensory toys can help the baby’s vision development.

The benefits of outdoor large toys for children

Children love toys. Toys play a vital role in children’s growth. There are all kinds of toys in the children’s room. But most of the toys in the home are smaller. The outdoor toys are larger. Since they can’t play at home, children are happy to see large toys outdoors. There are many big toys outdoors, and children are often very happy to play. In fact, playing with outdoor large toys is also good for children.

The benefits of outdoor large toys for childrenimagesbaby products、Construction toys

Playing with outdoor toys can exercise children’s social skills

Childhood is a critical period for intellectual development. When children play with big toys, such as slides, they not only entertain themselves, but also interact with other children during the play. So you can exercise your child’s social skills. And can analyze the child’s psychology and the corresponding education methods in the child’s interaction. In order to avoid the situation that the child will not cooperate with others, quarrel and so on in the future.

Outdoor Toys are tools for children’s cognition

Big toys usually come in multiple color combinations. Therefore, children can recognize more colors through big toys. In addition, slides, rope bridges, swings, rock climbing, cars, etc. It can exercise children’s hand and body coordination! Children’s intensive exercise can stimulate the corresponding cerebral cortex, making it more active. Thereby more precisely govern and guide the development of movement and movement. Therefore, we should try our best to create suitable environment and conditions for children, and encourage children to do activities and sports. Thereby promoting its intellectual and psychological development.

The benefits of outdoor large toys for childrenimages1baby products、Construction toys

Big toys can mobilize the enthusiasm of children

Children’s physical and mental development is inseparable from activities. Toys can be arbitrarily manipulated, operated and used by children, which not only conforms to their psychological characteristics, but also conforms to their ability level. Therefore, large toys can meet the needs of children for sports and stimulate their enthusiasm. So as to promote their intellectual development. The intuitive image of big toys and the authenticity of imitating life can constantly stimulate children’s associations. To activate their thinking and develop their creativity. And can exercise their memory and imagination, and ultimately promote their intellectual development.

Why buy kitchen toys for your baby

Babies always follow when mom and dad are cooking or cleaning dishes. And babies stay in the kitchen because they are curious about the things in the kitchen. Babies learn about the world mainly through practical actions such as observation and touch of actual objects. For babies, toys are a great tool for exploring the world. So you can prepare some kitchen toys for your baby to satisfy your baby’s curiosity.

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There are certain dangers for babies to play in the kitchen.

Kitchen toys are a tool for children to explore the world. In addition to the desire to explore the kitchen, the babies sometimes want to stay with their fathers and mothers. In many cases, babies can feel secure when they are with their mothers. Most mothers have this experience, the baby is very attached to the mother. So when the mother is in the kitchen, the baby will follow. If parents don’t find the baby’s presence in time, the baby can easily get hurt in the kitchen. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare some kitchen toys for children to satisfy their curiosity.

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Let children experience the fun of cooking with kitchen toys

The kitchen is not a place for children to play. So you can prepare some kitchen toys for your baby. Because it can attract the baby’s attention well and effectively prevent the baby from entering the kitchen.They can satisfy the baby’s curiosity to explore the adult world. And it allow babies to safely experience the fun of cooking and stay away from dangerous kitchens.

Toys that effectively develop children’s intelligence

Every child has a variety of toys. Toys are very important to children’s development. Because toys can promote children’s brain development. Therefore, many parents will let their children play with toys that can develop children’s intelligence. What are the specific benefits of these toys that develop children’s intelligence for children?

Toys that effectively develop children’s intelligenceimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

1. Stimulate the senses

Toys that develop children’s intelligence are a window to the world for babies. Educational toys, like all toys, encourage children to use their senses to engage with the world. For example, toys that develop children’s intelligence can stimulate functional development. Educational toys with bright colors and attractive lines can stimulate children’s vision. Toys that make a sound when you hold them, toys that emit various animal sounds when you press the button, etc. can stimulate children’s hearing. Rolling colored balls can cultivate children’s sense of touch. Different toys that develop children’s intelligence are all effective tools to help children understand the world.

2. Language training

When the child is playing, he will recite words to the toy from time to time, and “talk” to the toy. Don’t underestimate this mode of communication, it gives children the opportunity to use language to express their meaning. At this time, if you, as a parent, can participate in it, it will not only cause the children to talk more. It can also guide his diction and expression skills, and strengthen his ability to master the use of language.

Toys that effectively develop children’s intelligenceimages1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

3. Develop intelligence

Educational toys are toys that allow us to develop intelligence and increase wisdom in the process of playing. According to a study by the Royal Academy of Sciences of the United Kingdom, people who often play with educational toys have an average IQ of about 11 points higher than those who do not play. Their brains have higher open-thinking abilities. American medical experts also found that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease among people who started playing adult educational toys before the age of 50 was only 32% of the general population. The incidence of people who have played educational toys since childhood is less than 1% of the incidence of the general population.

4. To express emotions

Have you ever noticed that when your child is frustrated or angry, he throws a toy. This is the child’s expression of dissatisfaction. In the real world, children can’t just vent their emotions to others, so toys become substitutes. Like adults, children need channels to vent their emotions. Otherwise, depression will form mental illness, which will affect the child’s health.

When you think of Toy Story toys, what comes to your mind?

Toys are very important to a child’s development. And many character toys in cartoons are also children’s favorites. Remember Toy Story and Toy Story toys? It gave many children their first taste of Pixar’s creative genius and the quirky charm of the breathtaking world’s first fully CG animated film.

Toy Story toys are kids’ favorites

Most of the character toys in the Toy Story series are best-selling toys for children in American homes. And part of it is the transformation and renovation of some classic toys in history. However, when these single-function and even rudimentary toys are brought together, it will give people a very warm feeling. And Toy Story toys aren’t just kids’ favorites. With Toy Story, adult moviegoers will once again return to innocent childhood and relive those happy, carefree years. This is probably the most touching thing about the Toy Story series. More than ten years have passed, do you still remember the characters in “Toy Story”?

1. Sherif Woody

Woody is an old-fashioned string stuffed doll. He has a plastic head and hands and is one of the main characters in the Toy Story series. Woody was Andy’s favorite toy since kindergarten. He is the leader of the toys. His prototype character was revealed in Toy Story 2 as the protagonist of the popular 1950s TV show “Woody Cowboy.”

2. Buzz Lightyear

A classic character toy from Buzz Lightyear’s Toy Story. He is also a new toy gift that little owner Andy got at a birthday party. Andy ditched all the other toys after getting Buzz Lightyear, including Woody, his once-favorite cowboy. The favored Buzz Lightyear has become a bit pretentious as a result. It wasn’t until one day that he accidentally saw an advertisement for Buzz Lightyear toys in a store and realized that he was just an ordinary toy. Buzz Lightyear fell into a long slump. Finally, with the encouragement of Woody and other partners, I finally regained my confidence.

When you think of Toy Story toys, what comes to your mind?imagesbaby products、Construction toys

3. Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is a good old man representing the opinion of the general public. He occasionally does thankless things. And Mr. Potato Head often fails to help. And he is not strong, and is often knocked off.

4. Slinky Dog

Slinky Dog is also one of the classic character toys in Toy Story. His waist consists of springs. In Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody’s big adventure chasing a moving van, Slinky Dog is willing to pay for a friend. The lovable Slinky Dog is simple and trusts friends.

There are many more character toys in Toy Story. Which character toy shape are you most impressed with?

How to choose a children’s bicycle?

A child’s childhood is inseparable from a bicycle. There are many benefits to children who regularly ride their bikes. Cycling can promote the full development of children’s movement and balance ability. It can be said that the earlier you ride a bicycle, the better it is for the development of children’s athletic talents. So how to choose a children’s bicycle? What should you pay attention to when choosing a children’s bike?

How to choose a children’s bicycle?imagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Size

Pay attention to size when choosing a kids bike for your child. The size of the size mainly depends on the height of the child. Generally, the suitable height of a 12-inch children’s bicycle is 85-105 cm. The suitable height of a 14-inch children’s bicycle is 90-120 cm. The task height of the 16-inch children’s bike is 105-135 cm. Generally, the height of the saddle and handlebar can be adjusted. Therefore, it is not a problem for the children’s bicycle to be a little lower. But it’s best to make sure that your child’s feet are just on the ground when parking.

2. Children’s bicycle tires

When choosing a children’s bicycle, you can pay attention to whether the tires are rubber tires or solid tires. The advantage of solid tires is that there is no need to inflate, and the manufacturing cost and selling price are not too high. But its disadvantage is that it is a little hard to ride and not wear-resistant. Children under the age of 3 can consider bicycles with solid tires. Older children still recommend ordinary rubber tires with pneumatic tires.

3. Key Components

When choosing children’s bicycles for children, be sure to check whether the brake parts, seats, chains, tires and other components are firm and reliable.

4. Auxiliary wheel

Auxiliary wheels are the two side wheels on either side of the rear wheel of a children’s bicycle. It mainly plays the role of stabilizing the body. At the beginning, it is recommended to use auxiliary wheels, and then consider removing them when the child has a driving feeling. The advantage of auxiliary wheels is that they are not afraid of accidental falls.

How to choose a children’s bicycle?images1baby products、Construction toys

5. Safety

The most important thing when choosing a car for your child is to check whether the brakes are effective. Pay attention to whether the brakes of children’s bicycles will be too sensitive and cause falls. Also pay attention to whether its handlebars are strong enough and reliable. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether there is a protective cover at the key connection part to prevent the clothes from entangling and causing injury. It is best to choose a fully enclosed chain cover, which is beneficial to prevent hands and feet from being pinched. Check whether the parts on the car are sharp or whether the welding is firm, and whether the welding seam is uniform and neat.

Best Educational Toys That Can Make Kids Smart

As parents, you always want to give your children everything they want. Children love toys, and parents feel that children’s toys can bring them happiness and promote their IQ development. In the end, it was discovered that the toys at home were piled up in mountains. And the novelty of the child is no longer on the toy. Conversely, too many toys can distract the child’s attention. Choosing the right toys can make your child smarter. So what educational toys are helpful for children’s growth? Check out our list of educational toys that will make your child smarter below!

Best Educational Toys That Can Make Kids Smartimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

1. Picture card toys

When parents choose educational toys for their children, they must choose according to the child’s physical development stage. Everyone should have seen a picture card type of toy. These toys come in a variety of patterns with sharp outlines and contrasting colors. So it can give children some visual impact. Thereby, it is good for children’s vision development and brain development. When the children are a little older, you can let them know the colors and patterns on the picture cards.

Best Educational Toys That Can Make Kids Smartimages1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

2. Rocking toys

Many people don’t think of Rocking toys as educational toys. But in fact, rocking toys are also good for children’s growth and development. Many children like to play with rocking cars. Children are especially happy when shaken. Shake toys can not only bring happiness to children. It can also improve the child’s sense of balance and enhance the child’s ability to control the body.

3. Role-playing toys

Children have a natural imitation from an early age. Many children imitate the daily activities of adults. For example, imitating mothers wearing high heels, doctors seeing a doctor… Children in this period like to play various roles in life very much. Therefore, parents can prepare mini medicine box educational toys for their children. Parents can pretend to be patients and accompany their children to play together. Role-playing games can promote the expression of children’s language. It also improves basic social skills.

4. Origami toys

Origami toys are very classic educational toys. Pieces of origami have been ingeniously designed, as if they were enchanted and brought to life. For example, a little monkey that can do somersaults, a big bad wolf that can eat… origami toys are very interesting and will make children love it! Many origami toys hide very ingenious mechanisms. And the process of origami also contains a lot of classical mathematics and physics knowledge. In the process of hands-on operation, children will learn a lot of small knowledge.

How to choose gifts for children

Toys are the most special gifts for children. Every child grows up without the company of toys. But there are so many types of toys on the market, do you know which toy to choose as a gift for your child? If you are struggling with what to give your child, then you can take a look at the list of gifts for children below. Hope this gift list can help you.

How to choose gifts for childrenimagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Early educational gifts

Early educational toys gifts are more suitable for babies under the age of three. At this time, they are still relatively small, and early educational gifts can help babies develop their brains. It is very helpful for the later development of the baby. You can buy a thick picture book for your baby. The content in the album is mostly pictures, and you can see common patterns of fruits and vegetables. It can make babies recognize the things around them earlier.

2. Interest gifts

Children at the age of 3 to 7 can already speak and play on their own. So it would be better to give them some practical gifts. Toys like blocks, puzzles, and watercolors can be given to children. These gifts can develop the brain and exercise hands-on ability. And it can make them become more intelligent and fully develop their imagination.

How to choose gifts for childrenimages1baby products、Construction toys

3. Literary classic gifts

At the age of 7 to 12, a child’s worldview is gradually being formed. So you can give some literary classics as gifts to your children. For example, you can send your children some classic novels, which are both interesting and imply educational meanings. A good novel can influence a child’s worldview to a certain extent. Long-term exposure to literary classics will make children’s thoughts more profound.

4. Handmade gifts

Children between the ages of 12 and 18 are basically mature in their mental development. Gifts for children of this age may need to be more adult. They don’t like toys that are too childish. So you can buy them some more practical gifts, like hand-painted books and so on. Such gifts can not only cultivate some of their hobbies, but also help children exercise their imagination.

Best Gifts & Toys for Two Year Olds

After the age of 2, the baby’s language development is accelerated. Babies at this stage have mastered more vocabulary and can speak complete sentences. And you can find that babies at this stage are very talkative, even if they are not fluent sentences, they will use words to express. This stage is the stage of rapid development of the baby, so parents should make good use of this period. Parents can choose some toys suitable for two year olds to guide them. The role of toys is very important and subtle. If you know how to choose toys for two year olds, you can refer to the following.

Best Gifts & Toys for Two Year Oldsimagesbaby products、Construction toys

What are the best toys for a two year old baby?

1. Magnetic sheet

Magnetic sheets are great toys for two year olds. A magnetic piece is a building block that is connected magnetically. It can exercise the baby’s thinking ability. Compared with traditional building blocks, magnetic pieces have various shapes and types. If you add some small props, such as wheels, rotating shafts, etc., you can create a very beautiful shape. Moreover, the magnetic sheet can promote the baby’s three-dimensional thinking better than ordinary building blocks. In the process of playing the magnetic piece, the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability will be exercised. And it can also train the baby’s thinking ability.

2. Picture books

Picture books are a great choice when you want to give toys to your baby. Parents and children reading picture books together can exercise children’s communication skills. A large amount of language information is input into the baby’s mind, so that the baby can gradually understand the meaning of each word. Then start with a word, expand to a phrase, and then expand to a short sentence… Finally, the baby can accurately express his meaning. A picture book has a lovely story. And these stories can not only attract babies, but also teach them all kinds of truths.

3. Puzzle

Best Gifts & Toys for Two Year Oldsimages1baby products、Construction toys

The best toys for two year olds are puzzles. Puzzles can exercise your baby’s associative ability. In terms of growth, association is the most important of the four abilities of the baby. Babies will integrate real events in life with stories in books and animations. These are the baby’s first associative abilities. When babies grow up, the ability to associate becomes their creativity and innovation. Puzzles can be a good exercise to develop children’s associative ability. So jigsaw puzzles are perfect for two year olds.