3 Best Toys for Two Year Olds

2-year-olds show marked development in athletic ability. They can run, jump, and climb. For fine motor, they would draw straight lines with a crayon. So we can make full use of toys suitable for two-year-olds to exercise their abilities in all aspects. Building blocks are also used to form various shapes. Cognitively, they play matching games. That is, picking out the same items or pictures and putting them together. 2-year-olds can recognize colors and complete 3-4 piece puzzles. And began to have a concept of numbers, can understand what “one” means. According to the above developmental characteristics, we can give the following toys to 2-year-old children.

3 Best Toys for Two Year Oldsimagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Ball games

2-year-olds love to be physically active. During exercise, areas of the brain that are activated largely coincide with areas of cognitive activity. Therefore, it can promote the development of the body and the brain. We can often play chasing games with our children.If you’re looking for toys for two year olds, balls and soccer balls are good options. You can play throwing, picking, and kicking games with your child.

2. Toys that promote fine motor development

We can use some common items at home to help children train their hand movements. For example, prepare some cups and bowls of different sizes, and then give the child a spoon. Have him scoop beans, rice, etc. into the container. Plus, blocks and large pieces of Lego are great gifts for two-year-old toys. In the process of building and inserting, not only can exercise children’s hand movements, but also promote the cultivation of sense of space. Plus, plasticine is also a great toy for two year olds. It not only promotes the development of children’s creativity. In the process of playing, children can practice pinching, pressing, poking, kneading and other actions. Therefore, it is also good for the development of fine motor and cognitive ability.

3 Best Toys for Two Year Oldsimages1baby products、Construction toys

3. Toys that promote cognitive development

We can buy simple puzzles toys for two year olds. From single-piece puzzles with handles, to 3-4 piece puzzles. We can choose a suitable type for the child according to his interests and abilities. Role-playing toys are also given to play role-playing games, we can use ready-made items at home, or buy some simulated toys for children. Such as dolls, fruits, tea sets, doctor props, etc. Role-playing games can train children’s language skills and learn to deal with problems.

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