Best Gifts & Toys for Two Year Olds

After the age of 2, the baby’s language development is accelerated. Babies at this stage have mastered more vocabulary and can speak complete sentences. And you can find that babies at this stage are very talkative, even if they are not fluent sentences, they will use words to express. This stage is the stage of rapid development of the baby, so parents should make good use of this period. Parents can choose some toys suitable for two year olds to guide them. The role of toys is very important and subtle. If you know how to choose toys for two year olds, you can refer to the following.

Best Gifts & Toys for Two Year Oldsimagesbaby products、Construction toys

What are the best toys for a two year old baby?

1. Magnetic sheet

Magnetic sheets are great toys for two year olds. A magnetic piece is a building block that is connected magnetically. It can exercise the baby’s thinking ability. Compared with traditional building blocks, magnetic pieces have various shapes and types. If you add some small props, such as wheels, rotating shafts, etc., you can create a very beautiful shape. Moreover, the magnetic sheet can promote the baby’s three-dimensional thinking better than ordinary building blocks. In the process of playing the magnetic piece, the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability will be exercised. And it can also train the baby’s thinking ability.

2. Picture books

Picture books are a great choice when you want to give toys to your baby. Parents and children reading picture books together can exercise children’s communication skills. A large amount of language information is input into the baby’s mind, so that the baby can gradually understand the meaning of each word. Then start with a word, expand to a phrase, and then expand to a short sentence… Finally, the baby can accurately express his meaning. A picture book has a lovely story. And these stories can not only attract babies, but also teach them all kinds of truths.

3. Puzzle

Best Gifts & Toys for Two Year Oldsimages1baby products、Construction toys

The best toys for two year olds are puzzles. Puzzles can exercise your baby’s associative ability. In terms of growth, association is the most important of the four abilities of the baby. Babies will integrate real events in life with stories in books and animations. These are the baby’s first associative abilities. When babies grow up, the ability to associate becomes their creativity and innovation. Puzzles can be a good exercise to develop children’s associative ability. So jigsaw puzzles are perfect for two year olds.

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