Best Developmental Toys for Babies 0-12 Months

As the baby grows up, the frequency of buying toys is getting higher and higher. But sometimes too many toys can affect the baby’s concentration.

For babies aged 0-1, they don’t need too many toys. Because many toys are in their eyes, some toys may not be as attractive as the trash can. Therefore, we only need to choose toys that can promote the development of various abilities of the baby according to the development law of each stage of the baby.

Best Developmental Toys for Babies 0-12 Monthsimagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Toys suitable for babies aged 0-3 months

At this stage, the baby’s hearing is basically mature, and he can distinguish the direction of the sound and turn his head to look for it when he hears the sound. And vision is developing rapidly. At first, only 20-30cm objects can be seen, and then it will become more and more clear. For babies 0-3 months, their daily activity time is very limited. They sleep most of the time, so the toys don’t need to be prepared too much.

We can prepare hand bells and small sand hammers. Because the baby’s hearing has basically matured, it can distinguish the direction of the sound. We can use a hand rattle or a small sand hammer to exercise the baby’s audiovisual. Rocking the rattle attracts your baby’s attention, lets him practice turning his head, and lets him grasp it himself.

2. Toys suitable for 4-6 months old baby

At this stage, the baby’s eyes can see a distance of several meters, and gradually can distinguish basic colors such as red, yellow and blue. Their small hands can grasp objects consciously, they will try to grasp near toys, and they also like to bite. We can prepare some toys for the baby to chew on.

Best Developmental Toys for Babies 0-12 Monthsimages1baby products、Construction toys

3. Toys suitable for 7-9 months old baby

Babies at 7-9 months are usually able to sit on their own and begin to learn to crawl. They can precisely move small toys from one container to another. And you’ll find that they like to slap the tabletop or tap objects with their palms. We can prepare some small toys that can move to help the baby practice crawling. Or buy them some percussion toys.

4. Toys suitable for babies of 10-12 months

At 10-12 months, your baby’s fingers are more flexible and can grasp small objects with the thumb and index finger. They already have flexible hand-eye coordination. And he started to have his own preferences for things. Such as liking an animal, liking a car, etc. During this period, the baby can play with more toys. One of the most classic is the building block toys.

In addition, we can buy some other toys according to the baby’s preferences at this stage. For example, most of the little boys like toy cars. There are also children who mostly prefer small animals, kitchen toys and so on. These toys can exercise your baby’s hands-on ability.

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