Baby throws toys everywhere after playing? Try to do this!

Does it seem that the house has not been tidy since having a baby? The toy was just put away the first second, but the baby turned it out the next second and threw the toy on the ground. In fact, the baby has an environment that can be freely explored, and he will grow up very quickly.

By doing this, the baby is exploring objects and movements that he does not know and is familiar with. This is also a process of self-development. Let’s not get in the way. As long as it is safe, let your baby explore. And toys play an important role in the growth of children, so many parents will give their babies a lot of toys. But many babies don’t tidy up the toys after they pull out the toys, and the home looks very messy. Don’t worry, here are some ways you can train your baby to organize their own toys.

Baby throws toys everywhere after playing? Try to do this!imagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Prepare a fixed place for storing toys.

The sense of ritual is very important, and it is also critical to prepare a space for the baby to belong to him. Find a corner of your home or a place you don’t move around a lot and place a toy storage rack. Then put your baby’s different toys on it.

2. Play tidying games with your baby

What attracts your baby the most is doing what he likes. We can also take advantage of this when collecting toys. For example: singing, dancing, throwing, throwing, etc. Then use his liking to play a game together and put away the toys together. For example, play the game “Little Rabbit Moves” with your baby. Move toys from one place to a toy storage box. Finally, after moving in, give your baby a big hug.

Or you can put the storage box in front of your baby. Then the mother and baby threw the toys into the storage box together to see who could throw them faster. Give your baby a compliment if he manages to throw the toy into the storage box.

3. Use finishing songs

There’s no child who doesn’t love music, especially children’s songs that are fast-paced and catchy. Moms can play songs about organizing and collect toys with their baby while listening. When you want to collect toys, you can turn on the music. Each time you do this, you can form a ritual. For example, every time the music is played, the mother reminds the baby to put away the toys and participate in it. When the baby is older, it can be done by himself. When the baby is young, the mother’s involvement is very important. Mom’s participation can increase the baby’s motivation and prepare him for the ability to organize his own toys in the future.

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